Laurie Wolf

Laurie Wolf

Laurie has been a trained chef, food stylist, food editor, recipe developer and cookbook author for over thirty years. Her company, Laurie and MaryJane, is dedicated to producing high-quality medicated food, and her most recent publications are "Cooking with Cannabis" and "Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis." Laurie's passion for cannabis as treatment stems from her exposure to her father's end-of-life care as well as her own successful management of a seizure disorder.

Recent posts by Laurie Wolf

Melty marijuana-infused magic: Ham & cheddar panini (recipe)

This sandwich is the bomb. The bread gets crusty, the cheese gets melty, the weed kicks in and everything is beautiful! In its own way. (Lame song reference!) The strain I used for the olive oil is called Dutch Treat. With a THC level of 22 percent, this weed is intense, but not overpowering at all.

Kitchen Kush: Hummus, and additions aplenty (recipe)

I’m sure you have noticed the huge variety of hummus flavors out there. Well, just make your own. Add a couple of tablespoons (or more) of things like roasted peppers, pine nuts, artichoke hearts; don’t hold back. For this recipe, I added a half-cup of fresh chopped spinach.

Chewy granola bars are some good-for-you ganja goodness (video recipe)

Granola bars are, for the most part, crunchy or chewy. Since chewy is always my preference, this bar rocks. There are many options for the additions. While this combo of chocolate and nuts is my favorite so far, I have also tried it with dried cranberries and ginger, which I liked. I may drizzle a few pieces with canna-chocolate next time.