Laurie Wolf

Laurie Wolf

Laurie has been a trained chef, food stylist, food editor, recipe developer and cookbook author for over thirty years. Her company, Laurie and MaryJane, is dedicated to producing high-quality medicated food, and her most recent publications are "Cooking with Cannabis" and "Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis." Laurie's passion for cannabis as treatment stems from her exposure to her father's end-of-life care as well as her own successful management of a seizure disorder.

Recent posts by Laurie Wolf

Steel-cut Oatmeal with the Works: Wake and bake in a wholesome way

Here’s a breakfast weed recipe infused with cannabutter. Try to use the best-quality oatmeal you can afford because it really does make a difference.

Easy as Pie Vegetable Tart: Perfect for parties or giving leftovers a tasty new look

Chef Laurie Wolf offers a weed recipe that can be dressed up for holiday hors d’oeuvres or dressed down for a quick weekday dinner.

Peanut Butter Quick Bread: Simple is so, so good

Quick breads are great for cannabis cooks. Chef Laurie Wolf is feeling the power of the peanut and has dialed in a weed recipe for peanut butter quick bread.

Warm your belly: A spicy weed recipe for White Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet potato soup is a cold-weather must. If you have never tried it and you are a sweet potato fan, give it a whirl.

Peanut butter and almond milk smoothies are a creamy, filling infused treat

Made with the right ingredients, a smoothie can take the place of a meal. This smoothie weed recipe is super-tasty, filling, and good for you — a delicious triple threat.

Baked bacon and egg “muffins” are a tasty twist on a breakfast burrito (weed recipe)

Baked breakfast bites in more ways than one: This weed recipe for bacon and egg muffins is easy, cheesy and delicious.

Four fruity, weed-infused smoothies to lift you up and fight off summer heat

Blend up a cool and tasty liquid marijuana drink for any time of the day. These four weed edibles recipes are full of fresh fruit from berries to mangoes.

Homemade caramel coffee recipe: Pre-packaged cannabis coffee drinks are great, but this is better

Start your day with a special addition to your morning brew: canna-caramel. Try this recipe for breakfast time or maybe as an after-dinner treat with dessert.

Weed-infused stuffed French toast recipe: An elegant, elevated and easy breakfast

Starting your day with marijuana-infused French toast seems just too good to be true. This stuffed French toast recipe is made with cannabutter.

Three savory and stony appetizer recipes for the Big Game

Are you ready for some football? These three marijuana edibles recipes will get your Super Bowl party lit.

Cereal thriller: Candy corn inspires these weed-infused crisped rice treats

Halloween treats recipe: Plain ol’ crisped rice treats are a classic, but why not add some candy corn flavor and shape them up?

This marijuana-infused skirt steak salad makes for a refreshingly zesty meal

Looking for the best marijuana recipe for a delicious skirt steak salad? Look no further. You’ve found it

These cannabis-infused lemongrass chicken skewers will jumpstart any party

Love to grill out? These cannabis-infused lemongrass chicken skewers could change your life.

This frozen marijuana-infused trifle dessert will get your taste buds stoned

Our recipe for a frozen marijuana-infused trifle will help you make the kind of dessert that gets your taste buds stoned.

Recipes: This twist on edibles starts infused, with a weed-free sweet finish

Two recipes, with a twist: Serve up this easy-to-make, cannabis-infused appetizer and after it kicks in, dive into a dreamy orange parfait that’s weed-free.

Holiday recipe for happiness: Peppermint pot brownies

These pot brownies are the ultimate for the holiday season and easy to make — white chocolate mixed in with the brownie mix, and topped with marijuana-infused cream cheese.

S’mores even better with pot-infused peanut butter, it’s true

Marijuana recipes: Peanut butter is the base for infusing these fireside s’mores, but there’s a way to make them without the nutty element if you prefer.

Recipe: Take it easy and make these no-bake Stoner Chocolate Balls

Cooking up edibles at home is fun, but sometimes it’s nice to get baked without doing any baking or firing up the stove. Here’s a video how-to for making no-bake Stoner Chocolate Balls.

Make it now: Cannabis-infused dumplings for soups, stews, casseroles

This week’s Kitchen Kush recipe: Weed-infused dumplings for soups, stews, casseroles.

A weed-infused cream of celery soup that will change your mind on celery

Chef Laurie knows you’re already wondering, ‘Why would I waste my cannabutter on a cream of celery soup?’ But this weed-infused recipe is worth your cannabutter, she promises

Video Recipe: Weed-infused Mama Leone’s Soup is an all-time favorite

This marijuana-infused Mama Leone’s Soup is an all-time favorite of chef Laurie Wolf’s, and it’s a snap to make. The easy-to-follow Video Recipe is here.

Recipe: This bodacious canna-banana smoothie will rev you up

Try this liquid marijuana drink recipe with bananas, yogurt, peanut butter and canna-coconut oil. This cheery blend can be tweaked for daytime or night.

Video recipe: How to make my favorite dessert, pot-infused triple-layer trifle

Let’s just come out and say it: Trifle is the perfect dessert. Cake, custard, fruit and whipped cream. Come on, how could a dish be any better? Well, I’ll tell you how: Add weed.

Recipe: Matcha tea is the key for these green and tasty cannabis cookies

As we leave winter behind, things are starting to green up. So cooking/smoking of the green is how we’ll roll with this batch of tasty sugar cookies topped with infused frosting.

A pot-infused Valentine’s Day treat: Caramel sauce for your pink ice cream

This Valentine’s Day recipe for a pot-infused caramel sauce — meant to be poured over tiny ice cream balls — is as decadent as it is delicious.

Recipe: Get ‘baked’ on this pot-infused baked brie and say ‘CHEESE’

Phyllo dough is an amazing way to medicate your baked delights. Since each sheet needs to be brushed with either cannabutter or canna-oil, you end up with flaky layers of canna-manna.

Recipe: Call it a Ganjabread House, or a Gingerbread Grow House

Try your hand at a Ganjabread House. (Or would that be a Gingerbread Grow House?) Either way, Mary and I had a blast designing our gingerbread creation, and if you let your imagination be your guide, you’ll have just as much fun.

Video recipe: Triple-infused pumpkin pie — what a way to cap off the excess

Marijuana recipe: This triple-infused pumpkin pie recipe goes the distance, with a medicated crust, filling and whipped cream to top it off.

Recipe: A white chocolate severed hand centerpiece

This is the best Halloween centerpiece ever for an adults-only party. There were lots of ways to go here, so many fun things to do, but I think I have made the best choice. Plus, white chocolate and weed are simply perfect together.

Infused pecan pie — perfect finish for a holiday feast

Ganja food gifts are on my holiday list, both to give and hopefully to get. The flavors are strong with this infused pecan pie, and making the weed taste go away was as easy as … well, pie.

Video recipe: How to make sweet and savory cannabutters from scratch

My goal for the day: Make some seasoned cannabutters, good for medicating and tasty for snacking. It helped that one of my grower friends was coming over to give us a harvesting lesson on three lovely plants.

Grandma’s small-batch peanut butter cookies (marijuana recipe)

The last few nights I’ve had a craving for peanut butter. And this was no normal craving, mind you. I made a PB pie (with chocolate crust) and some PB dressing for an Asian-inspired noodle dish — both medicated, of course. And today I went for a small batch of peanut butter cookies.

Recipe: Get loaded on these pot-enhanced stuffed baked potatoes

Chef Laurie just loves a good stuffed baked potato. It’s a simple, cheap meal that makes a great lunch or dinner. Add some pot, and it’s even better.

Zingy and sweet: Ed’s Key Lime Pie (recipe)

Key lime pie is a magical combination of thick and dangerously decadent condensed milk with eggs and key lime juice. The weed is in the graham cracker crust of this dessert.

Video recipe: Give this creamy canna-mayonnaise a whirl

Since the cool weather is coming it seemed that making homemade canna-mayonnaise would be a useful skill to work on. This is an easy-to-make condiment that will keep for about 5-6 days covered in the fridge.

This Thai iced tea puts a different spin on “herbal infusion” (recipe with video)

Thai iced tea and Thai iced coffee are among my favorite summer drinks. I decided that combining condensed milk and cannabutter was a logical way to infuse this beverage.

Fresh tomato soup: Take advantage of garden bounty (recipe)

Pretty much any recipe will take away from the purity of that “tomato alone” experience — therefore, I created a recipe that allows the fresh flavors of all the ingredients to shine. The tomato is the star in this dish but there are lots of other important characters.

Plum and apricot crumble one of many winning fruit combos (recipe)

When there is an abundance of fruit in season, it is tough to decide what to turn into a crisp, crumble, cobbler or pie. So many great choices and stellar combinations.

Magical Butter: An easy way to get infused (review)

Magical Butter costs about $175, and although it is not complex and a few say overpriced, it does allow me to totally go about my business and not give it a thought.

Savory Thai red curry, by way of Alaska (recipe)

Starting out with a jar of gifted, locally-made Thai red curry paste, and pairing that with chicken and vegetables seems like a perfect way to try the savory spice blend. The foundation of the meal starts with infused canna-coconut oil.

Shrimp sauté over an avocado makes a citrusy, summery salad (recipe)

I have medicated the canna-olive oil for this salad with the hybrid strain Blue Dream. Some people like to taste the weed in their food, and some do not. Personally, I think that a hint is nice, psychologically it helps to prepare me for the medible experience.

Fruit bars perfect for hiking or lounging (recipe, gluten free/vegan)

I have been doing a bit of hiking recently and have decided to make a batch of dried fruit bars to bring along. They don’t have to be refrigerated, which is a huge plus this time of year.

Taking pot brownies to the next level (recipe with video)

Here’s our killer triple chocolate pot brownie recipe. Serve them up with fresh berries and whipped cream.

Mango Lassi Pops, simple and sweet frozen treat (recipe)

This creamy pop is my medicated version of the creamy and wonderful Mango Lassi beverage, served in Indian restaurants.

Melty marijuana-infused magic: Ham & cheddar panini (recipe)

This sandwich is the bomb. The bread gets crusty, the cheese gets melty, the weed kicks in and everything is beautiful! In its own way. (Lame song reference!) The strain I used for the olive oil is called Dutch Treat. With a THC level of 22 percent, this weed is intense, but not overpowering at all.

Kitchen Kush: Canna-crockpot baked beans (recipe)

The beans are cooking in the crockpot as I write, and after two hours they are starting to smell really good and everything in the pot is coming together in a smoky, porky kind of way.

Kitchen Kush: One bowl double-almond cake (recipe)

I love baking with almonds. This cake is crazy moist and has a fabulous flavor. The house smells so good when it is baking, you have to come over! And the one bowl thing is a delight.

Beyond basil: Pesto made with arugula and walnuts (infused recipe)

The best-loved version in my house is made with arugula and walnuts. It’s often made with olive oil that has been infused with cannabis.

Baked seasonal fruit with maple drizzle (recipe)

I decided to bake some leftover fresh fruit with medicated granola, and let me say that this is one awesome dessert. My favorites are the peaches and pears, but honestly they all taste great.

The best way to eat your veggies: Pot-infused pasta with asparagus (recipe)

Asparagus is a great vegetable; versatile, easy to cook, can be served hot or cold, and can be prepared all fancy and elegant or rustic and simple. Rustic and simple is how I roll, and this pasta is a breeze.