Laurie Wolf

Laurie Wolf

Laurie has been a trained chef, food stylist, food editor, recipe developer and cookbook author for over thirty years. Her company, Laurie and MaryJane, is dedicated to producing high-quality medicated food, and her most recent publications are "Cooking with Cannabis" and "Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis." Laurie's passion for cannabis as treatment stems from her exposure to her father's end-of-life care as well as her own successful management of a seizure disorder.

Recent posts by Laurie Wolf

Kitchen Kush: Hummus, and additions aplenty (recipe)

I’m sure you have noticed the huge variety of hummus flavors out there. Well, just make your own. Add a couple of tablespoons (or more) of things like roasted peppers, pine nuts, artichoke hearts; don’t hold back. For this recipe, I added a half-cup of fresh chopped spinach.

Chewy granola bars are some good-for-you ganja goodness (video recipe)

Granola bars are, for the most part, crunchy or chewy. Since chewy is always my preference, this bar rocks. There are many options for the additions. While this combo of chocolate and nuts is my favorite so far, I have also tried it with dried cranberries and ginger, which I liked. I may drizzle a few pieces with canna-chocolate next time.

Kitchen Kush: Shrimp quesadilla (recipe)

This shrimp quesadilla is made with either cannabutter or canna-oil. The tortillas get crispy and cheesy, and they pair well with the salsa that I made pretty spicy, but that is your call.

Kitchen Kush: Canna-caramelized bananas (recipe)

I love a sautéed banana, so creamy and satisfying. This simple-to-make caramel sauce is just delightfully delicious, and if you must, a scoop of ice cream on top would not be anything to be ashamed of.

Kitchen Kush: Stuffed mini peppers with chorizo ‘n cheese (recipe)

Mini peppers have few seeds to remove, so they are super easy to prepare. You could do the same thing with jalapenos, whose heat is mellowed by the time in the oven, but these mini peppers are sweet and not hot at all.

Video recipe: Spanakopita with crispy phyllo, thanks to canna-olive oil

This spanakopita recipe is a “healthy” comfort food. Spinach, ricotta, cannabis … three of my favorites right there. The canna-olive oil crisps the paper-thin sheets of phyllo dough and renders them too good to believe.

Kitchen Kush: Seared chicken with mushrooms (recipe)

When cooked this way, chicken is crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Too often it’s the unappealing opposite. While the chicken is in the oven there’s time to prepare a sauce, or side, or toss a salad.

Sizzling dinner idea: Skirt steak with chimichurri sauce (recipe)

A marinated skirt steak in an herbaceous, tangy chimichurri sauce is a perfect complement to a side of earthy potatoes and mushrooms.

Coconanaberry smoothie dank and delicious (recipe)

I think that a marijuana-enhanced smoothie is a dream come true. A tall, frothy glass of blended fruits and vegetables, with key ingredients that were previously sautéed in canna-coconut oil.

Chicken cutlets Milanese is so simple, so perfect (recipe)

Strangely, the meal that I remember best was the chicken Milanese at a tiny hole in the wall in an industrial part of town. This paper-thin and crisp-cooked cutlet was topped with an arugula salad that blew me away. It was so simple, and so perfect.

Quinoa gets the “fried rice” treatment (recipe)

Quinoa is extremely healthy and happens to taste pretty terrific. Usually found these days in salads, often quite delish, this time we are going to do quinoa “fried rice” style. It is a perfect way to use leftovers and help clear out the vegetable drawer.

Video recipe: Griddled deviled eggs are hot stuff

Deviled eggs are dipped in whole-wheat crumbs and cannabutter, then fried up. The garnish of scallion and bacon can soak up whatever cannabutter was not absorbed by the breadcrumbs.

Smokin’ mac ‘n cheese ultimate comfort food (recipe)

There is something about the crusty top and the creaminess under that crust that certainly makes this dish a contender as the ultimate comfort food. You can always vary the cheese, or add veggies or bacon. Bacon would be amazing.

Kitchen Kush: Granola good for anytime (recipe)

This granola is so good, you may want to just eat it straight from the jar and not bother with milk or yogurt. Good granola in the stores tends to be pretty expensive, and you never get exactly what you want. If you make it yourself, you get to pick everything that goes in it.

Kitchen Kush: 3-layer red velvet cake, just because (recipe)

This red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting is moist, has wonderful flavor, and it’s three layers, so it is festive and fun to make and no need to cut a layer in half, which is kind of a pain.

Strawberries dipped and decadent with canna-chocolate (recipe)

Strawberries dipped in cannabis-infused chocolate take an already pretty, sexy dessert to new heights. The glaze is made with canna-coconut oil and melted chocolate.

Trader Joe’s in Colorado: 11 stoney snacks

Is there a better job assignment than going into Trader Joe’s to pick out stoner food? I think not.

Kitchen Kush: Huevos tostadas (GF recipe)

Corn tostadas are the foundation for this gluten-free, marijuana-enhanced Southwestern fare. A fried egg tops a bed of cheese, vegetables and cilantro.

How to make cannabis oil for homemade weed edibles: Cooking tips and tricks

Making cannabis oil employs a process similar to making cannabutter. Typical oils utilized are olive, coconut and canola; each has its place in the kitchen, but they are used for different purposes.

Kitchen Kush: Two recipes with Super Bowl in mind

These two Super Bowl dishes have been customized to reflect the states involved. Colorado green chili for the Denver Broncos and shrimp and crab nachos for the Seattle Seahawks. This time, “pot luck” could have a whole new, legal meaning. If you are doing the preparations and choose to make it marijuana-enhanced, inform your guests of the special ingredient. That’s a must.

Kitchen Kush: Popcorn dessert bars (recipe)

Popcorn is combined with cannabutter, marshmallows and peanut butter. I decided to put a layer of chocolate chips and peanuts in the middle and some mini-marshmallows and chips on the top. I wanted to gild the lily. Consider it gilded!

Kitchen Kush: Three mushroom stew with pasta (recipe)

The earthy mushrooms and their perfumed broth pair well with a whole wheat or whole grain pasta or rice.

Kitchen Kush: Flaky vegetable tart (recipe)

Flaky puff pastry, baked topped with medicated vegetables and cheese, is delicious enough to blow people’s minds.

Kitchen Kush: Sour cream coffee cake (recipe)

One of the great edible pleasures in life is a moist piece of buttery cinnamon coffee cake with just the right amount of streusel and swirl — two easy baking steps to master. When I thought of foods that would be perfect when medicated, this came quickly to mind.

How to make cannabutter in 7 steps

The best cannabutter in America, you ask? It’s easy. Follow the directions, and you will make the best butter your weed will allow. The truth is however, the butter is just as good as the weed you make it with.

Kitchen Kush: Spiced sweet potato and bacon soup (recipe)

The idea for a smoky sweet potato soup came to me last night. Dining out at a Portland restaurant, I sampled a side that was an acorn squash puree with some chunks of bacon, and it was wonderful. It’s unseasonably cold here and soup is on my radar. Bacon and sweet potato? Yes, most definitely a happy marriage.