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Recipe: A white chocolate severed hand centerpiece

Halloween is a fun time to be a recipe developer. I have made many a ghost, bat or cat for lots of magazines and books. However, I am just now getting into the business of medicating these scary sweets. This takes these treats to a whole new, eerily delightful place.

This is the best Halloween centerpiece ever for an adults-only party. There were lots of ways to go here, so many fun things to do, but I think I have made the best choice. I have done this before with Jell-O, but white chocolate and weed are simply perfect together. Honestly, it is one of my favorite taste combinations in the cannabis department.

I had frozen some butter I made with Obama Kush. I love the taste of this strain; it’s kind of fruity and sweet. This indica feels more like a hybrid, always giving me a great head and body high. It also doesn’t give me the mad-crazy munchies, which is kinda good. I am only going to eat one finger of our white chocolate hand. And I am thinking it should be the pinky! That sounds kind of creepy, but it is Halloween. Enjoy.

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One White Chocolate Hand

1 rubber glove, no felt lining and no powder

24 ounces white chocolate melts or chips

2-3 tablespoons cannabutter

2 tablespoons white chocolate, melted

Almonds, split in half

Red jam, warm

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1. Place the white chocolate and cannabutter in a microwave-safe, glass measuring cup. Melt on stove in a double-boiler or microwave on low heat, checking often and stirring. The cannabutter-infused chocolate will likely have a very pale green tint.

2. Here, you might need a buddy to help. Once the chocolate is melted, pour it into the glove. Work over a rimmed pan or bowl in case there are any spills. Attach the glove to a shelf in the fridge with office clips, clothespins or clamps. Let it hang in the fridge overnight.

3. Gently remove the solid white chocolate hand by using a small pair of scissors to cut off the glove. Be gentle — the fingers are fragile — although a severed finger or two on the severed hand could be kind of macabre and still Halloween-friendly. With a scissor make some indentations to mimic veins. Fill the grooves with the jam.

4. Use the melted white chocolate to attach the almonds to the fingertips.

5. Place the hand on a piece of parchment or on a platter. Spoon some jam around the wrist area and on the plate for dipping.

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