(Bruce Wolf, The Cannabist)

Magical Butter: An easy way to get infused (review)

I have this machine called Magical Butter that makes marijuana-infused butter, oil and tinctures with the press of a couple of buttons.

I have had it for a couple of months but have been busy writing a book about Seattle, so I just released the MB appliance from its box today. It came with a filter for the liquid and a protective glove. It is totally cool, easy and is self-cleaning. It also has colorful LED lights that are kind of trippy to watch while under the influence. I decided to make butter first; soon I am going to make canna-coconut oil (keep reading to find out how that went).

Magical Butter review: Crafting a batch of cannabutter a breeze
(Bruce Wolf, The Cannabist)
vailable online through the company’s website. A friend bought one from another source and it had been refurbished by another company. So order directly from the dudes who make it.

For those living in states where cannabis is illegal, it also can be used with any culinary herbs.
According to the manufacturer, one can also make soups, sauces, salad dressings, skin-care products, pet medicines and more with the device.

Cannabutter how-to: You don’t need a special appliance to make marijuana-infused butter. Here’s another way, in 7 steps

Making the butter

Into the open machine I added 8 sticks of unsalted butter and a little more than two ounces of weed (one ounce had lots of bud). I also added lecithin, which the company recommends as it acts as an emulsifier and is said to increase potency. The butter infused for 2 hours, and then I strained it through the filter provided into a glass bowl. I let the butter harden in the fridge and I ran a knife around the edge to remove it as a solid piece. Now I will keep it wrapped in parchment and use as needed.

Magical Butter review: Crafting a batch of cannabutter a breeze
The finished disc of cannabutter, made with 8 sticks of unsalted butter. (Bruce Wolf, The Cannabist)

The weed I used is Girl Scout Cookies, a mostly sativa hybrid that I buy every chance I can. It is super strong and I love the way it tastes. It’s a mostly head high that lasts for a long time. I had a strong inclination to do a thorough vacuuming job, which around my floating home is always a necessity.

I have been happy with the yield and am in the process of deciding whether the lecithin actually affects emulsification and potency, as the manual suggests. I was able to find lecithin in an upscale market; you know, the kind that has more waters and salt than anything else! The machine is not too big for me to keep out on the counter, and I think I will be using it almost daily.

Aleta and Ricardo, my esteemed colleagues, asked if I had a preference for the machine over the old-fashioned way. It makes me think of my beloved bread machine. I use it all the time, make great bread, and it’s so easy. But occasionally I want to get my hands in there and take the process from beginning to end. I love that I now have a choice.

Really, that’s a thing?
Cannabis-infused coffee. Machine-rolled marijuana cigarettes. Joint-peddling vending machines. A THC-infused, ladies-only lube. A food truck selling only infused edibles. The massage of your life, via a marijuana-infused lotion. Yes, really, these are all real things.

Since this is a review and not a Kitchen Kush cooked-food recipe, per se, I am going to give you a few suggestions for how to use your butter without doing any real cooking. One thing I like to do is make cinnamon toast. I spread the butter on toast, preferably cinnamon raisin, and sprinkle with a mixture of ¼ cup white sugar mixed with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. I also like to sauté cashews or pecans in the butter, adding some cayenne and a pinch of brown sugar while cooking. And, if you are in the mood to try something really summery and yummy, sauté fresh sliced peaches and plums in the canna-butter and drizzle with honey and sprinkle with chopped mint. Enjoy.

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Update: I used the machine to make coconut oil yesterday. I got a great deal at Costco, really good oil for a very low price. Nice! The infusion worked out great; I am enjoying the benefits of the smoothie I made with the oil just moments ago. I made something a little crazy but delish: dates, almond milk, cocoa powder, banana and lots of malt powder. You would love this. And canna-coconut oil, I almost forgot to mention that.

I am starting to think of our cannabis holiday treats. I know it’s way early but I want my company, LaurieandMaryJane, to make the best seasonal medibles in Oregon. I wish I could send them Colorado way, but alas, there are laws.