Ben Livingston

Ben Livingston

Ben Livingston develops Map Legal Cannabis, produces the I-502 Anniversary Celebration and writes the pot column for The Stranger. He is an outspoken Seattle pot activist who joined the movement in 1995.

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Review: Made-in-the-USA Da Buddha Vaporizer melds style with simplicity

I appreciate simplicity in most things, and Da Buddha Vaporizer is pretty simple. It’s basically a ceramic heating element encased in glass, controlled by an unmarked, guess-and-check temperature knob. A plastic tube with an herb-filled glass receptacle is attached to that heater, and the user breathes in through the tube to manually control the flow of air. To decrease the likelihood of burning the crap out of yourself, the heater is moderately surrounded by an aluminum case.

Zema Pro vape pen ably handles herbs, oil and e-juice (review)

I like the Zema Pro from Got Vape. I want to say that up front, because whenever I review vape pens, I typically spend my initial paragraphs explaining how they’re all pretty similar. And then maybe I’ll note my concern that these little Chinese e-cigarettes are almost entirely untested for health hazards. I’m a total buzzkill at the pen party.

Herbalizer — smartest vaporizer ever? (review)

The Herbalizer is a vaporizer like no other. It was designed by a pair of former NASA engineers, which helps explain the deliberate creation process behind the device. A few vaporizers can claim precision temperature control. A few can claim super-fast startup. A few can be called beautiful. But none has so deftly married these features like the Herbalizer.

Are 99-cent pipes future of pot tourism?

It’s good to visit another house of weed worship every so often, to experience a different cannabis consecration chamber — especially if you land a gig reviewing pot paraphernalia. So when my local dispensary operator showed me Hollow Pointz, the cheapest pipe they sell — a strip of aluminum rolled into a cone — I felt duty-bound to check it out.

Curious device smells like a winner (AromaChill review)

The AromaChill, an herbal breathing device, is intended to promote mindful breathing, which can help calm the mind, according to inventor Robert Bornn. To use the AromaChill, first chill the base in the freezer, then add some cannabis—or any herb, really—to the chamber, assemble the device and breathe deeply.

Colorado and Washington: 7 differences in state pot laws

After voters in Colorado and Washington passed historic initiatives to legalize cannabis in 2012, regulators in both states spent a year drafting guidelines for a newly legal pot industry. But legal cannabis rules will differ greatly in many ways from state to state. Here are some of the core differences between the legal pot experiments moving forward in Colorado and Washington.