Pax Ploom vaporizer (Provided by Pax Ploom)

Pax vaporizer review: Ploom fuses sleek form with steady function

My local head shop says the Pax Ploom is its top-selling vaporizer, so naturally I wanted to check it out. On first glance, its allure is obvious: The handheld smoking device resembles a bulky iPod player, with a shimmering brushed aluminum case, an indicator light on the front and minimal branding on the back. Not typically swayed by form over function, I found myself immediately attracted to the machine’s sexy Apple-knockoff stylings.

Designed for cannabis flowers, the Pax Ploom is remarkably simple, and the design is ingenious. If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t have even guessed it was pot paraphernalia.

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Push the top of the device and out pops the mouthpiece while simultaneously turning on the machine. The other end contains the cannabis chamber and heating element, and the cover is held in place by magnets — a gentle push pivots the cap just enough to pull it off and pack the pot.

The handheld vaporizer takes about 30 seconds to heat up, and is ready when the front indicator light turns green. My first inclination was to pack the chamber loosely, but later learned the device prefers a tight pack. The vaporizer has a single button — accessed by pulling off the mouthpiece — to change the heat settings between low, medium and high.

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Once packed properly and allowed to heat up, the Pax Ploom produced noticeable vapor without scorching the cannabis. A freshly packed chamber will last five to 10 puffs or more, depending on the heat setting and user’s lung capacity. The unit requires a decent draw of air, which wasn’t a problem for me, but might be for users without decent lung capacity. The lithium-ion battery requires 90 minutes to charge via the included docking station; a charge will last up to two hours.

The Pax Ploom retails for $249, putting it on the pricier side of portable vaporizers. But pot people want pretty paraphernalia, and beyond its sexy form, the Pax Ploom functions marvelously for on-the-go flower aficionados.