Sasquatch Tree Stump Bubblers all in a row. (Provided by Sasquatch Glass)

Sasquatch Glass’ Tree Stump bubbler sells the Seattle lifestyle

More than just a pipe seller, Sasquatch Glass is a lifestyle brand, says co-owner Spencer Ward. The two-year-old Seattle company produces barwear, vases and commissioned paintings for a “post-prohibition” culture — in addition to the pipes and bongs, of course.

The company took home the 2013 High Times Seattle Cannabis Cup for Best Glass in September for its line of simple, clean and mostly clear-glass bongs and bubblers. A signature Sasquatch water pipe, the Bee Hive, is shaped like an upside-down cone that rests in a form-fitting glass base.

Concerned I would absentmindedly set the Bee Hive down some place other than its requisite docking station, I opted for a Tree Stump bubbler. This piece looks like a laboratory flask with a Sherlock-style mouthpiece snaking out from the top.

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Standing just over 8 inches tall, the Tree Stump feels light but sturdy, and the front of the flask is etched with a Sasquatch Glass footprint logo. The downstem drops six inches into the bubbler and has the same footprint logo etched on it, while the glass bowl sets snugly into the downstem for an all-glass smoking experience.

The Tree Stump is a beautiful bubbler. Holding it I feel like a scientist in the lab. But its bell shape, while easy to set on the table, doesn’t lend itself to an intuitive, natural hold. I kept my pinky finger tucked below the base to feel like the bubbler was resting into my hand — which isn’t an issue with the Bee Hive and its upside-down cone shape.

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The downstem has five holes allowing adequate air to draw through the water pipe. It requires just over an inch water to cover the holes, and can handle over two inches of water before one might accidentally draw bong water too far up the Sherlock-style mouthpiece.

The Tree Stump retails for $295 — a price that will make many consumers balk. But as co-owner Ward tells me, “We’re looking for that older demographic that is not really perturbed about price but more interested in style and all around lifestyle.”