Wulf Mods Tundra (Ben Livingston, The Cannabist)

Wulf Mods Tundra mimics better, pricier portable vapes (review)

Sometimes we want high-end products but we don’t want to pay high-end prices. Ever know someone with a knock-off Gucci handbag or a fake Rolex? Well, the Wulf Mods Tundra from Got Vape is for those types of budget-conscious people. It’s basically a replica of the Pinnacle Pro — a decent little portable vape that retails for $209 — at a much cheaper price.

And, full disclosure, it’s really a white-label Titan model vaporizer. Like many portable vaporizers these days (especially vape pens), distributors like Got Vape buy them in bulk from Chinese manufacturers that will custom print your logo on each unit. You can find more expensive versions, and you can get them far cheaper in bulk from the factory.

The Wulf Mods Tundra actually looks nicer than the Pinnacle Pro, in my opinion. It’s basically a chunky vape pen designed to heat cannabis flowers on the go. The mouthpiece detaches to reveal a small metal heating chamber into which you pack the pot. One button toggles the power — five clicks on, five clicks off — and switches between three different temperatures: 360, 380 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

I love the feel of the Wulf Mods Tundra in my hand. I like the simple, one-button user interface and its pocket-friendly form. The mouthpiece seems to stay on more securely than the Pinnacle Pro. And the Tundra produces noticeable vapor clouds at all three heat settings.

But the Tundra smells like plastic or something — who knows what — that I do not want to voluntarily introduce into my lungs. For many people, I imagine, this modern-day quest for non-combusted cannabis stems from a desire to make healthier choices, and not just a desire to volatilize cannabinoids out of pot at a super-specific temperature. With that goal in mind, I consider my bubbler-filtered, Bic-combusted bowls to be a better-known risk than 380-degree marijuana vapor mixed with whatever comprises that rubbery, plastic smell and taste.

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I’m certainly not alone in my salty reception, as most of the vape nerds lodge similar complaints against the Tundra-labeled Titan. I noticed the smell before I even turned it on, and dry-ran the unit on high heat a few cycles hoping it would dissipate, to no avail. The bad taste wasn’t as present when vaping a bowl, but it was still present, and it’s a bit of a buzzkill, like you’re making out with a gorgeous person whose uplifted arms suddenly reveal powerfully off-putting body odor.

At $120, the Wulf Mods Tundra is much cheaper than the Pinnacle Pro. It’s stylish and functional, too, and doesn’t combust the herb like many portable flower pens, making it a decent choice for budget consumers who can overlook the plastic smell.

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