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Real estate broker among first retail pot lottery winners in Washington

Todd Shirley, a real estate broker from Seattle, is one of the first winners in Washington state’s first-ever marijuana licensing lottery, and he says he couldn’t be happier. Last week, state contractors conducted the lottery to determine which of the 2,000-plus hopeful pot shop applicants would be first in line for 334 total retail licenses planned for the entire state.

“Honestly, I’m ecstatic and relieved and honored and a million other things,” says¬†Shirley, whose real estate firm specializes in pot-friendly property and businesses.¬†“The licensing process hasn’t been easy, but I guess now I can’t complain,” he adds with a laugh.

The broker was the first applicant drawn for one of 11 retail licenses allotted to “at large” King County, which includes all unincorporated areas and a few small cities in the state’s most populous county. Below is the email Shirley received from the Washington State Liquor Control Board on May 1:

May 1, 2014

RE: Marijuana Retail Lottery Results
License No.: 415333
UBI No.: 6031909830010002

Dear Sir or Madam:

The marijuana retail license lottery for King at large is complete. King at large has been allotted 11 retail locations.

Your application was selected number 1.

We will begin processing applications for the allotted number of stores in the coming weeks. If an application is disqualified for any reason or withdrawn by the applicant, the next application on the lottery list will take its place. If an application appears to not qualify, a statement of Intent to Deny will be issued with the right to appeal that decision. Once all licenses have been issued in a jurisdiction the remaining applications will be administratively closed.

Applicants selected in the lottery to move forward in the licensing process are not guaranteed to receive a license. The application must undergo our rigorous investigation process and pass a final inspection prior to issuance.


WSLCB Marijuana Licensing Unit