(Ben Livingston, The Cannabist)

Zema Pro vape pen ably handles herbs, oil and e-juice (review)

I like the Zema Pro from Got Vape. I want to say that up front, because whenever I review vape pens, I typically spend my initial paragraphs explaining how they’re all pretty similar. And then maybe I’ll note my concern that these little Chinese e-cigarettes are almost entirely untested for health hazards — like whether metals or other undesirable substances volatize into my unsuspecting lungs.

I’m a total buzzkill at the pen party. I’m that socially awkward computer geek brimming with powerful reasons the new gadget you like sucks. I’m your vegetarian friend who points out that your fried chicken lived a tortured life. I’m the vacation co-traveler who tallies the past accidents on each Disneyland ride as you stand in line.

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But honestly, I’m not trying to be that guy. I want to love vape pens. I want to support cannabis-related industries and these startup e-cigarette distributors. And while cannabis consumers should definitely know about how vape pens are mostly untested and mostly the same, the simple fact remains that even fully informed pot people love these pens. I want to be those people. I want to let the fear wash over me, just like I do on the Disneyland rides.

And there’s much to like about the Zema Pro. It comes with three different attachments to handle dry flowers, hash oil and e-juice — a liquid concoction mixed up mainly as a nicotine delivery system, though nicotine-free varieties exist that are just artificial flavor. (Because we are getting too little artificial flavor in our food, some of use feel the need to supplement.)

The Zema Pro is a sleek vape pen, and it feels super well made. The metal parts thread together solidly, and the whole thing sits comfortably in the hand. It’s fairly compact — just over 4 inches tall with the hash oil atomizer and a bit more with the clearomizer — and it uses standard 510 threading, so the parts can play well with other batteries and cartridges. A small USB attachment is included for charging the battery, as is a dabber and a cleaning brush.

As for functionality, the oil attachments work as well as other standard issue atomizers or clearomizers. Fill it with hash oil and it will stone you, for sure.

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The dry herb chamber burns your weed, as do similar pens that place the pot directly on a heating coil. But the Zema Pro includes a glass screen you can toss into the chamber to stop the burn and create true-blue vaporization. For me it was hit or miss with the glass screen in — I managed to get a little vape hit only a few times. It is an effective little flower combustor, nevertheless.

The Zema Pro is $89.99 from Got Vape. The three different cartridge types make it a good starter pen for the uninitiated or those looking to vape hash oil and combust cannabis on the go. It’s a likable little vape pen.