The Double G Series vape pen pays homage to Snoop Dogg with a road map of Long Beach, Calif. (Provided by Grenco Science)

Grenco’s Double G Series vape pen is for Dogg lovers and fans of flower (review)

It seems like new vaporizer pens are sprouting faster than my postpartum gray hairs. But that’s not the full picture. In fact, nearly all of the pens on the market are simply electronic cigarette components made by a handful of Chinese manufacturers.

For someone accustomed to locally-blown glass pipes, I struggle with differentiating between the myriad configurations of these increasingly-popular pens. I’ve decided that vape pens are like shoes, in that most folks replace them every so often and sometimes they want a different color.

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With that in mind, I allowed myself to swoon over the stylish Snoop Dogg G Pen from Grenco Science and the box in which it arrived. Both are adorned with a dark blue map of Long Beach, Calif., and a discreet signature from rapper Snoop.

The pen is designed for ground cannabis flowers, which isn’t typical in the hash oil-dominated vape pen world.

First, let’s be honest: this pen doesn’t vape — it combusts marijuana. The pot is placed directly on a heating element sitting atop a ceramic base, and it totally burns the bud. This offends many vapor purists since it’s marketed as a vaporizer, but I’m not a vapor purist. I just see it as another way to smoke pot.

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The Snoop Dogg edition of the G Pen has a glass casing, an improvement over the regular G Pen’s plastic parts. Once loaded with pot, tap the button five times to turn the pen on, then hold the button to light up the heating element. It produces a fair amount of vapor and smoke.

The G Pen has slightly modified its e-cigarette components to not work with the rest of the e-cigarette universe, which is annoying. I mean, people will pay a premium for a particular brand of shoes despite knowing they came from the same Chinese factory as the cheap shoes; there’s no need to thread them with proprietary laces.

The Snoop Dogg G Pen is a lifestyle choice as much as an on-the-go flower smoking device. At $99.95 retail, the frugal and the function-over-form crowd can find better value elsewhere. But if you want to roll with Snoop Dogg, this is the pen for you.

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