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Brittany Driver

Brittany Driver, a native Texan, lives in Denver with her adoring husband and enthusiastic toddler. Email her at

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The 11 Instagrams proving how high people still are at the Cannabis Cup

They say you can’t keep a good man down, and apparently you can’t keep stoners traveling to their Mecca from getting high. Parts of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup were shut down on Sunday, leaving many visitors to the ‘Dam confused — more so than usual. As of Monday morning, most of the festivities…

15 famous marijuana moms

Pop culture is full of marijuana moms — actresses, singers, politicians — and if one looks at history, there’s even a prominent pot mama from the Victorian Era. Here’s details on some high-profile cannabis connections, including Ms. Stewart, Ms. Poehler, Ms. Fox, Ms. Morissette, Ms. Rivers and others.

Parenting: Worried about THC while trick-or-treating?

Does legal weed mean my little trick-or-treater is going to get a candy stash tainted with pot-infused edibles? It sounds crazy, right? With a newly legal and intoxicating substance widely available in Colorado and Washington, the magnifying glass is being turned on cannabis-infused edibles.

Parenting: “Lab Rat” campaign well-intentioned, but scary messages = fail

It’s not just those in the cannabis community who are feeling that erecting human-sized rat cages with massive water bottles attached was a poor choice of spending state money.

Parenting: Cannabis among tough choices in family’s battle with cancer

Pot and Parenting: In the face of her son Landon’s extreme (read: extremely bad) reaction to his prescribed chemotherapy, Sierra Riddle sought an alternative treatment for Landon’s cancer and found cannabis.

Parenting: No easy answers about cannabis use and breastfeeding

What does one tell those moms who ask the question, “Is breastfeeding while cannabis is in my system safe for my child?” There are a few studies out there that provide some valuable food for thought.

15 famous dads who love marijuana

Here’s a shout out to some of pop culture’s most famous marijuana misters. Maybe they smoke now. Maybe they did it in the past. Maybe they have passed. Whatever the case we say right on right on right on to these 15 pro-pot patriarchs.

Parenting: “Us vs. them” mentality and Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services is not exactly the popular kid at the lunch table, at least not among the circles that comprise the marijuana community. But why wouldn’t I like the idea of CPS? It’s an agency meant to keep children safe, isn’t it?

Parenting: Family getaway for mountain fun is light on “recreational” options

A mountain getaway to Breckenridge during mud season. A quest to see the sights and smoke some pot while having fun with the family. A challenging endeavor, indeed.

Five great Mother’s Day gifts for 420-friendly moms

With Mother’s Day weekend nearly upon us, spouses everywhere are freaking out. Last year’s melted box of crappy chocolates and hand-written IOU card didn’t quite make the grade, did they? Put some more thought into it this year and get that pot-toking mama what she really wants.

Parenting: Mrs. Driver goes to the Capitol for a political fight

A parent who uses marijuana is inspired to join a fight against proposed legislation regarding child endangerment that appears to target legal marijuana. How was the political process affected by marijuana advocates?

Parental dilemma: 4/20 weekend with your kids? There are options

What’s a parent to do on 4/20 weekend? There’s no reason to stay at home. There are options that are less stoney, but still fun, including a pet expo in Denver, an African festival in Boulder and Saturday and Sunday options for Easter egg hunting.

Pineapple Express (marijuana review)

Pineapple Express is not new to me, on film or in my pipe. This sativa hybrid strain has passed through a few times too but as I’ve said before, actually having to record and review a particular type of marijuana makes me quite a bit more aware of how each kind affects me.

Parenting: 10 ways to keep your stash away from kids

As a parent, I feel like my weed has to be on lockdown. We take precautions to keep cleaning solutions, sharp objects and hot liquids away from our children. Don’t we owe it to them, and to ourselves, to keep our medicine or recreational intoxicants away from them as well?

Grape Skunk (marijuana review)

This Grape Skunk came across pretty powerful, as did its pain relief. The term “one hitter quitter” comes to mind. You hit it once and that’s all you need. However, with “grape” in the name, With a name like Grape Skunk, one might expect the Kool-Aid Man to burst into the room for a slap in the face. Instead, the Kool-Aid Man just politely knocked on the door.

Parenting: Is pot biggest teen health hazard? Try booze, sex, cigs

It has to be said that like alcohol, sex or nicotine (or caffeine, or sugar, or watching TV or playing football), marijuana can affect the body and its functions. But is it the worst thing out there for teens?

Edibles review: Cheeba Chews CBD lends some TLC

This edible has a higher level of cannabidiol for pain relief without the “high” feeling. “My hopes for this experience were fairly reasonable. My checklist: the edible must be edible; it needs to kick in within a sensible amount of time; and it should actually target my lower back pain.”

Stevie Wonder (marijuana review)

It’s no superstition, friends; this strain is going to produce some overwhelming dry mouth if you smoke it. So make sure you have your liquids handy. With that in mind, I still enjoyed my experience with Stevie Wonder. It worked for me because it didn’t change the way I perceive time.

Oaktown Crippler (marijuana review)

The mellow Oaktown Crippler proved to be perfect for a social outing that required some concentration. And there was an added benefit: “I noticed I had little to no back pain. Score. Big score! Not sure how this mild high could produce such good pain relief, but there it was.”

Parenting: A hope that my son waits until adulthood to choose marijuana

Just because I use marijuana and I am going to be honest with my son does not mean I want him to indulge in pot or drink alcohol before he is 21. I spent some of my teen years experimenting with alcohol and drugs and surely wish I had been doing better things with my time. So much wasted youth.

Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze (marijuana review)

This sativa-dominant hybrid with the long name provides a mildly intoxicating experience with a strong sense of optimism. Good for getting in tune with your body in a yoga session or doing some deep thinking.

“It’s Just a Plant” gives kids candid look at cannabis (book review)

“It’s Just a Plant” is geared toward starting a conversation with your child about marijuana. In the book, young Jackie, having woken up after bedtime, finds Mom and Dad smoking marijuana in their bedroom. Jackie’s mom promises to teach her about “mar-a-whahh” the next day. “This book is going to stay with us through my son’s childhood.”

Parenting: “Me time” is revitalizing and no time for guilt

Mommies and Daddies need a break sometimes, from the business of raising a child and the endless responsibilities. A 420-friendly painting class provides a chance to be creative and focus on oneself for an evening, with the chance to bond over a few bowls and socialize. Click here.

Edibles review: Tasty truffle light on medicated powers

This milk chocolate truffle made by The Colorado Cannabis Company is a tasty confection, but for the amount of THC listed for each truffle, the medicated effects proved to be subtle. On the bright side, they did a great job at masking the marijuana flavor, and the price point is spot on.

Parenting: Lessons from Child Protective Services

So what happens if your concerned neighbor reports you as a pot-smoking parent?  Depending on who they call, a police officer or representative of CPS will make a visit to your home. They will want to come inside and ascertain the welfare of your child.

Strawberry Cough (marijuana review)

Strawberry Cough provided relief from pain and anxiety and a boost of energy for daytime endeavors, but wasn’t as suited for nighttime consumption. “I felt sharp, I felt motivated. A clean house before noon is a worthy feat, and I had succeeded no problem.”

Blueberry (marijuana review, Strain Theory)

I was feeling youthful and maybe a little reckless. I had a full gram of Blueberry, and I was going to smoke it all at once. It had been years since I had broken open a cigarillo wrap and rolled a blunt, but I was really looking forward to it. I dumped the guts and got to work.

Yes, my son knows I smoke marijuana

“Does your kid know you ‘do’ weed?” “Does your child see you when you are stoned?” “How do you ingest marijuana around your child?” Pot lovers with progeny are often asked these questions and others. And they are valid questions.

Seeking other moms who love their babies — and their weed

I’m at the playground, and the question crosses my mind: “I wonder if she smokes weed?” Yes, I’m at the playground — making enjoyable small talk with another mommy while our kiddos discover the sandbox, and I can’t help but think, “I wonder if she smokes weed?”

Triple Diesel (marijuana review, Strain Theory)

If Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel and Strawberry Diesel had a ménage a trois, Triple Diesel would be their lovechild. Triple D is a sativa that in small doses can produce a focused and attentive high for both the medical patient and recreational user.