For Mother's Day, flowers are an old standby. But we're suggestion a flower of a different bloom for a 420-friendly mom in your life. (Anya Semenoff, The Denver Post)

Five great Mother’s Day gifts for 420-friendly moms

With Mother’s Day weekend nearly upon us, spouses everywhere are freaking out.

Last year’s melted box of crappy chocolates and hand-written IOU card didn’t quite make the grade, did they? Put some more thought into it this year, and get that pot-toking mama what she really wants.

Need a few last-minute suggestions? Here’s my Top 5.

1. Buy her flowers — the other kind

Obvious, right? Not quite. Sure, your local florist has been supplying your annual bouquet of Mother’s Day roses since you can remember. But why not buy her favorite flowers this year? Surprise that hard-working mom in your life with an 1/8th of her favorite strain. If she’s my kind of lady she won’t miss the roses nearly as much as she’ll appreciate the buds.

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2. Order her a prezzie

Buddha Box sends out a monthly goody box filled with up to seven items keeping smokers, dabbers and the like in mind. Fill out a short survey detailing how you best like to consume your cannabis (among other preferences), and Buddha Box personalizes your packages and sends them to your doorstep. Pipes, papers, Budder Blox and other marijuana-related goodies — all chosen to fit you! At $25.99 per box (plus shipping and handling), this could be a spontaneous treat for your lady love — and, depending on your budget, it’s also one that can be extended throughout the year to remind her how much you care.

3. Jewelry never hurts

I was intrigued by our style columnist’s Pot Leaf Chic article last month about a mainstream, high-end designer making “sweet leaf” items a part of her collection. I’d love to own any one piece made by Jacquie Aiche, but with an accompanying price tag that matches my preferred mindset (yep, high), it’s not exactly something I can just pick up on the fly. And that’s what makes it such a great Mother’s Day gift! In addition to work by Aiche, the popular website Etsy is a host to dozens of marijuana-inspired jewelry makers. One of my favorite items, and one I’ve been meaning to add to my collection, is a THC molecule necklace by Molecular Muse. Brilliant. And for the gal with a little more bite to her, try Snark Factory, where you can find plenty of marijuana-related jewelry items including these cutie earrings.

4. Make her a dinner to remember

At the last Puff Pass Paint class I attended I was able to enjoy a rare treat — a cannabis-infused chicken lettuce wrap. I was waiting for that “planty” taste to hit, but it wasn’t there — just a delicate wrap that I scarfed down and felt the effects of about 20 minutes later. You can create the same delightful experience this Mother’s Day with some cannabutter and a little patience. Read the Kitchen Kush articles on how to make your own cannabutter or canna-oil and then peruse the rest of the recipes until you find something you feel capable of making. Trust me, no pot-using mother is going to say “no” to her partner cooking dinner — especially with that one special ingredient!

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5. A night on the town

There is nothing like a little comedy. And if you missed Dave Chappelle in the last week never fear — you’ve got one more good chance at weed-related humor. Stoner hero Doug Benson visits our fine city this week, with two performances on May 11 as well as one May 13th. Benson’s first (and only) stand-up performance at Comedy Works (starting at 4:20 p.m., naturally) is sold out, but that night he will be doing his infamous “Benson Interruption” at the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton. Doug interrupts movies, everyone laughs. And what’s this? Oh, hello — this Mother’s Day he’ll be watching “Mrs. Doubtfire.” As of the moment of me writing this there were 13 tickets left. If that fails, your last chance to see Doug is during the recording of his Doug Loves Movies Podcast at Comedy Works. I had the opportunity to attend a recording of this show some years ago, and it was super-fun, super-hilarious and absolutely made my week.

So whether you’re new to the Mother’s Day game or an old pro, try giving a gift this year that gives a little more than what she’s grown to expect. Treat her. Surprise her. Spoil her. And then smoke some weed. Happy Mother’s Day!