A sample of Strawberry Cough, grown in Colorado. (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

Strawberry Cough (marijuana review)

Strain Theory: Strawberry Cough

By the numbers: $10/gram, $200-$280/ounce at Pure Dispensary, 505 W. 40th Ave. in Denver

Strawberry Cough goes down way more smoothly than it sounds like it would. It tasted sweet and after the first hit I was struck with a significant fruity flavor. I wasn’t thinking specifically about the strain when I hit it, but the residual taste made me remember — Strawberry Cough!

Lots of people associate smoking weed with the relaxation best provided by an indica. But that’s not the only effect marijuana can have on a person. In fact, many prefer a sativa with an uplifting high over an indica one that sedates. By choosing the right strain or hybrid, you can create your own adventure and target certain symptoms.

So, after my sesh with the hybrid (although my jar was marked “indica”), I was on the move. Beds, made. Carpets, vacuumed. Dishes, done. Jim Croce was spinning on the record player and I was dressed head to toe with a full face of makeup. Even better — it was only 10 a.m. I had the rest of my day ahead of me.

Physically, Cough alleviated my back pain. I definitely had sweaty hands, though ironically no dry mouth (but I was drinking coffee). I felt sharp, I felt motivated. A clean house before noon is a worthy feat, and I had succeeded no problem.

And I really felt like getting out of the house! I have a little social anxiety from years of letting the judgment of others seriously affect me. Staying inside is a really comforting and safe option for me. I’ll also say that taking my son anywhere can be difficult right now. He is learning his boundaries and testing his limits. Yes, that’s a part of parenting a spirited child but some days it can just be mentally exhausting. He would live at the park if he could and leaving for any reason is sure to promote the world’s most dramatic tantrum.

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But after Strawberry Cough I wanted to live at the neighborhood park too. It diminished my anxiety and with that gone, I was able to focus on having fun with my son instead of the inevitable outburst. And that outburst, by the way, was handled calmly and with minimal distress to both parties.

The differences I noticed when I reviewed Blueberry made me wonder how other strains would stand up to the same stress test. If I smoked Strawberry Cough at night, would it be as effective as it had been in the daytime?

Sadly, my evening consumption experience was not as good. The smoke was still super smooth. The taste of strawberry didn’t hit me this time, or any time after the first smoke of the strain, really.

As before, my back pain disappeared and there was no dry mouth to report. Usually when I consume in the evening I get … wait for it … the munchies. Not so with Cough. Hmm. That’s a negative for me. Much of the reason I consume cannabis is to gain an appetite, so that’s strike one in the cons column.

Once again, I felt elevated and motivated, but I had nothing to do with it and no plans to go out. That intensity needed to be channeled in some way, though. And I sure do love some good television. Halfway through my favorite weekly program (let’s just say it’s about witches), I was holding my breath through entire segments. Granted, this is some cutting-edge programming that is breaking some boundaries, but I do feel like I was experiencing it on a different level thanks to Cough. My lessened anxiety level meant that I didn’t have any paranoia, which is a total bonus, especially when you’re basically watching a horror movie.

The get-up-and-go of Strawberry Cough did keep me up later than I would have liked. My nightly use typically helps to calm my crazy, racing mommy brain. That was strike two. And you only get two strikes in my book, sorry.

Those strikes don’t count against Strawberry Cough as a daytime strain though, not one bit. It just highlights the importance of choosing the correct strain for the correct situation. I’d use Strawberry Cough anytime as a morning medication but not again as an evening dose.