An example of Stevie Wonder from a different Colorado dispensary (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

Stevie Wonder (marijuana review)

Stevie Wonder, the well-known R&B songster who spans decades, has his very own namesake strain of cannabis. Who needs another Grammy, right? Spying the THC count it had (20 percent) I jumped at the chance to review some kind of wonderful. I was going to smoke this Stevie and listen to that Stevie and see where it took me.

At first glance, I might not have chosen the Stevie Wonder. It was just super plain-looking. I tend to go for the most crystal-covered bud I can find.  However, the info card for Stevie Wonder showed it had the highest THC count of all the available strains that day.

Stevie Wonder by the numbers:
$10/gram, $200-$280/ounce at Pure Dispensary, 5702 E. Colfax Ave. in Denver

Pure Dispensary encourages you to examine your potential buds, with gloves on of course. But I’m not about being tactile in my marijuana selection; I’m more of a window shopper. There were a few other strains available that were a bit more sugary looking, but the THC count had distracted me from all that and I went for the Stevie. I’m a longtime fan of his music and while I’ve smoked this strain countless times before, the review process has been pretty educational for me. I’m keeping tabs on what works and what doesn’t. I wanted to know whether or not Stevie Wonder had truly been the sunshine of my life.

I got loaded up with some fairly dense buds and here I was, with my little white bag. A few warm goodbyes from the friendly staff and I was headed home. I planned to assemble our latest purchase from Ikea, a dresser. For once in my life I just want to buy some furniture that is already fully put together. Sigh.

Soon after starting my project, however, I had to stop. It was much too loud for the hour. I decided to just stick with listening to some Stevie Wonder jams while taking a few hits. I found this readers’ poll from Rolling Stone, “The Top 10 Greatest Stevie Wonder Songs.” Solid.

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I didn’t get much distinction as far as the taste of this sativa-dominant hybrid, but that might have been because the smoke is so harsh. I didn’t cough but it burned the back of my throat. This is not super desirable, especially if you’re using marijuana to medicate. My mouth was a desert. It’s no superstition, friends; this strain is going to produce some overwhelming dry mouth if you smoke it. So make sure you have your liquids handy.

With that in mind, I still enjoyed my experience with Stevie Wonder. It worked for me because it didn’t change the way I perceive time. Some strains can make time fly while others make it stand still. Four hits in and time was still passing as per usual. The mental high is mild to moderate. Stevie isn’t going to dumbfound you when consumed in a reasonable amount. Physically, it’s helping to ease my back tension and my appetite is calling to say it loves me. (I really hope these song references aren’t going unnoticed here. I mean, come on.)

I think Stevie Wonder would be an excellent way to medicate in the morning. It’s very clear headed, and the only drawbacks were the dry mouth and the slight burning of the throat (a sensation that could be eliminated by vaporizing the herb instead of smoking it). There are recreational benefits for such clarity to your smoke. Want to enjoy some cannabis and still be able to carry on a coherent and intelligent conversation? Stevie Wonder would be a good route to that higher ground.

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