An example of Triple Diesel from a different Colorado dispensary (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

Triple Diesel (marijuana review, Strain Theory)

Strain Theory: Triple Diesel, Cannabis Sativa

By the numbers: $10/gram, $200-$280/ounce (depending on daily specials) at PURE Dispensary, 505 W. 40th Ave. in Denver

If Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel and Strawberry Diesel had a ménage a trois, Triple Diesel would be their debilitatingly dank lovechild.

Triple D is a sativa that in small doses can produce a focused and attentive high for both the medical patient and recreational user. But if one chooses to indulge it can absolutely be used for some serious relaxation. This makes it a very versatile strain that can be ideal for both daytime and nighttime consumption.

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The nugget of Triple D I have is top shelf. It looks as if it’s been sprinkled in sugar, which is to say it has many trichomes, or the tacky crystal looking bits that hold together the potent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both are naturally occurring in marijuana and are what gives the plant its unique qualities. In this strain there are also typically specks of purple throughout, and the bud I’ve got is no exception. Triple Diesel doesn’t have any fruity smell, despite the Strawberry Diesel influence, but it is a pungent and pleasing aroma none the less.

Feeling abnormally pleasant, I turn on the early-2000’s WB hit “Popular,” and it’s an episode about the male shop teacher transitioning from Mr. Don to Ms. Debbie. Controversial. After the second pull on my six-hit one-hitter I’m feeling the beginning of some transitions of my own.

It starts as a warmth in my chest, and by the fourth drag it’s radiated through my arms and down my legs. There is a little bit of dry-mouth happening, but it’s moderate and stays consistent throughout the duration of the experience. Any anxiety I was feeling is a thing of the past, and my usual lower back tension is gone. Huge.

This is where I would recommend stopping if you have things to accomplish, responsibilities to attend to or a real life to live on this particular day.

But I continue. Real life be damned.

Fifteen minutes later and I’m using my phone to record a video of a confused (and hilarious) student’s head-tilt as Mr. Don tells the class he’ll be “embarking on a one-way journey toward womanhood.” I rewind the show and record — and rewind and record a few times more before I get the right cut. It’s then when I realize that because I’m watching the show on my laptop (and using headphones, duh) the video I’ve recorded on my phone has no sound.

Spacing out, yeah. I take the sixth and final pull on my one-hitter.

I’m still kind of watching “Popular” but also simultaneously browsing the Internet because the concentration is not there anymore. But I’m dying to do more than one thing at a time. My palms are a little sweaty. An hour goes by before I realize it, and now it’s time to get back to adulthood. Although I spend a good 15 minutes in the bathroom analyzing the pros and cons of my skincare routine, I successfully make my way out into the world — and out of Triple Diesel’s strong grasp.