Edibles review: Tasty truffle light on medicated powers

Milk chocolate truffles from The Colorado Cannabis Company (16.5 mg THC per truffle)

By the numbers: $8 per package of 6 truffles at Pure Dispensary, 505 W. 40th Ave. in Denver

I don’t always medicate by way of edibles, but when I do I’m usually disappointed. Thus far I’ve found marijuana and myself are most compatible when I smoke it. But with a few truffles and a lot of optimism, I hoped to change that.

Milk chocolate truffles from The Colorado Cannabis Company
(Provided by Colorado Cannabis Company)

Each chocolate truffle from The Colorado Cannabis Company contains approximately 16.5 mg of THC. The widely accepted recommended starting dose is 5 mg, so I imagined this might be a little overwhelming. Although my tolerance when smoking is high, when I consume edibles a much smaller dose is typically needed.

However, my first attempt was a big fat bust. My husband ate two truffles (he is 6-foot-5 to my 5-6) and he felt he had some slight pain relief.  I ate one truffle, which is listed as the serving size on the back of the box, and nothing happened. Nada.

But I wanted to have a positive experience. There were still three truffles in the package, and I decided to give it another go at another time. Again, I didn’t want to overdo it, so I stuck with just two truffles, equaling 33 mg of THC (almost 7 times the recommended starting point for edibles) while my husband ate the last one. I certainly couldn’t have more than two without knowing what the effects would be this time around. I prepared myself before I took my first bite and wrote down the time to see how long it would take to kick in. It was 5:45 p.m.

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The size of the truffle was a bit larger than you’d expect in your average box of chocolates.  They didn’t appear to have been painstakingly decorated, but I’d rather have the focus be on the infusion of THC anyway. The hard outer shell encases a rich and smooth inner core of chocolaty goodness.

It took maybe three or four bites to eat one, and I didn’t even have to coat it in peanut butter. Because these truffles tasted pretty good.

I’ve had some extremely weedy tasting edibles in the past, and these weren’t them. Now and then there was a hint of cannabis; if there hadn’t been, I wouldn’t have believed they were infused. Recipes have come a long way in masking the taste of marijuana, but I have yet to find one that doesn’t have that distinctive weed flavor. I love to be proven wrong though, and this truffle is the closest I’ve gotten.

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Expecting it to hit me after about an hour, I knew I needed to fill the gap or go crazy waiting for the effects. After 20 minutes it was dinnertime and we sat down to eat. My son had skipped his nap that day so he was literally falling asleep at the table. “Are you sleepy?” I’d ask as he shoved a fistful of food in his mouth with his eyes half shut. “No” he’d manage to get out before his eyes fully closed. It was pretty adorable.

We cleaned him up and went through his bedtime routine before whispering our goodnights and putting him down in his crib. It was now 6:45 and I was ready for back pain relief. Had the edibles kicked in? I bent forward, backward and sideways and the pain was still there. I will say there was a minute change, but not what I expected from what I thought was a decent amount. Guess I was wrong.

This is why I hate edibles. The dosing is always so hit-or-miss with me. I eat some and nothing happens, so I eat more. Then the original dose kicks in, quickly followed by the second, and then I’m couch-locked. The flip side is what was happening tonight — nothing.

Is it possible that I need a much higher dosage? Totally. But when a serving size is listed as one chocolate, I’m going to follow that guideline first. I wouldn’t get a prescription for Vicodin and then take more than the manufacturer has approved. Is it possible that I got less THC then 33 mg? Absolutely. The box states that of the 16.5 mg there is  +/- 5 mg.

I refuse to accept that this is the status quo. There has to be an edible out there that is no joke, and my friends, I am committed to finding it. I’m willing to try more products from The Colorado Cannabis Company. They did such a great job at masking the marijuana flavor, and the price point is spot on. But with my two-strikes rule, I’m just not sure their truffles are going to be a part of my pick-up again anytime soon.