An example of Grape Skunk (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

Grape Skunk (marijuana review)

A gram of Grape Skunk was in the cards this time. What initially struck me about the indica-dominant hybrid was its deep purple color. With just a glance it leaped out at me among jar after jar of bright-green buds. I instantly knew this beauty was a must have.

Grape Skunk by the numbers: $13/gram, $250/ounce at Lotus Medical, 1444 Wazee St. in Denver

Yes, I like getting out of the house. Yes, I like doing real things, reading books, crocheting and just generally living my life. But I also really like Comedy Central’s “Broad City” and I’m not going to pretend I don’t look forward to sitting on the couch and enjoying the boob tube. I tend to binge-watch television shows, so it’s refreshing to instead have a steady date, one I can look forward to seeing only once a week. Afterwards I usually want to replay the episode and watch it again — but that’s good television for you.

So, the Grape Skunk. Although the buds weren’t super dense, that’s not a bad thing necessarily. After a spin in my grinder it had broken up pretty fluffy. It smelled … well, like weed, with nothing in particular standing out for me.

This hybrid has a very subtle grape taste to it. Whenever a strain is named after a flavor or fruit I sort of expect the Kool-Aid Man (yes, that’s his official mascot name) to burst into the room and slap me in the face with whatever flavor that may be. With Grape Skunk, the Kool-Aid Man just politely knocked on my door.

Something I did get slapped with was pain relief. My back was loose and it was so apparent that I didn’t even have to stand up to test it, or stretch or twist. Grape Skunk had completely eliminated all irritation in less than 20 minutes.

Are we all familiar with the term “one hitter quitter”? You know, you hit it once and that’s all you need. Like the Oaktown Crippler I tried a few weeks back, this Grape Skunk was pretty powerful. I hit the bowl and then sat there for 10 minutes clutching it and the lighter in my fist as I perused the Internet and searched for the episode of “Broad City” I’d intended to start right before I’d hit the chillum.

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Episode started, chuckling achieved and it had been 40 minutes since my first hit. I had only hit the pipe a total of three times … four? Regardless, it was taking quite a while to consume this small chillum and I’d taken some seriously unnecessary notes about “Broad City.” This show is hilarious — a female-driven comedy with pot-smoking characters I feel I could hang out with in real life — it couldn’t be further up my proverbial alley. But this is a marijuana review, not an entertainment column (though I do hope you are entertained).

It seems Grape Skunk might lead to distractions. I was not multi-tasking in the proficient way that I normally can. I couldn’t keep my mind focused on each task as I tried to do several things at once. Not an entirely unproductive high, but a little chaotic. The head effects got less hazy after about two hours, but the back pain was still gone.

In the future when utilizing Grape Skunk, I might choose to take a hit in the morning to ease my back pain. Or I’d try a larger dose at night when I have already had dinner and don’t need the appetite stimulation, but could benefit from the body relaxation before hitting the sheets.

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