Susan Squibb

Susan Squibb

Susan Squibb, the Cannabis Maven, is a Denver-based freelance cannabis writer and an operations management consultant. She founded and organizes the event, Mother's High Tea. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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Synthetic cannabinoids are not “synthetic marijuana”: What you need to know about Spice and K2

Street drugs such as Spice and K2 contain synthetic cannabinoids and are touted as fake marijuana. That’s a misnomer. What you need to know about the affects on the body, drug tests and more.

Cannabis cooking formulas: Calculate low-dose THC potency for your homemade cannabutter edibles

Ask The Cannabist: For a reader looking to make weed cookies with 10 mg THC per serving, we break down the potency calculations so they’re easy to follow.

How to safely try cannabutter or cannabis oil when you don’t know its THC potency

Marijuana edibles experts share tips on trying a batch of cannabutter or cannabis oil when you don’t know the THC content and don’t want to overdo it.

Am I measuring the THC per serving in my marijuana brownies correctly?

Our expert brings in cannabis edibles chef Jessica Catalano of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution to help calculate THC potency in a batch of pot brownies.

If I use cannabis topicals, will I test positive on a THC drug test?

Experts weigh in on whether cannabis topicals — which include lotions, balms and THC transdermal patches — will cause a positive marijuana drug test.

An activist’s life: My 20-year fight for marijuana law reform is far from over

Op-ed: Years of political advocacy as a marijuana activist fighting for legalization have instilled in me a sense of patriotism and voter power.

Drug testing and CBD: Can a cannabidiol user test positive for marijuana?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating compound found in marijuana. But can it show up in a drug test for the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?

Hair drug testing: Useful information for marijuana consumers

We asked experts for details on how hair drug tests work to help answer questions from readers who are trying to figure out how to approach this type of test.  

THC test time: How to calculate the amount of THC you’re toking in a joint

Calculating the THC potency of a joint and how much THC is actually consumed can be tricky. The Cannabist looks at past research, then does the math.

Help! My 13-year-old is smoking marijuana. What do I do?

A terrified parent has questions about teen marijuana use and its effects after discovering that their 13-year-old son is smoking pot.

High Society: Industry vets from across U.S. flock to Cannabis Diversity Summit

The Cannabis Diversity Summit draws minority business and advocacy leaders to Denver for discussions and a dinner hosted by the Go GREENE advocacy group; the summit got its start with Alaska-based activist Charlo Greene.

Ask The Cannabist: Can I take Scooby while I shop for a doobie?

A reader is headed to Denver and wants to know: Will marijuana shops let me bring my dog? Ask The Cannabist gets the scoop on which places are pet-friendly.

High Society: Hopping Sensi Mag party spotlights cannabis pioneers

A massive cannabis convergence happened in Denver recently, and no, we’re not talking about the annual 4/20 smokeout.

Op-ed: 4/20 at CU has a much better vision now after its renegade years

It’s a new era. For the first time in four years, the entire University of Colorado Boulder campus will be open on April 20. No barricades will surround campus lawns or the entire perimeter of the the public university to prevent a 4/20 event that in its heyday had featured…

April 2016 calendar: Snoop, Wiz, Method & Red and more 4/20 events

From Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill to Wiz Khalifa and Method Man, here’s your April calendar of 4/20 events and more marijuana happenings.

How to get weed out of your system: Exploring the options

Quick-detox drinks, supplements and home remedies all have a reputation for clearing your body of weed, or at least masking its presence. But what really works?

How long does weed stay in your system?

How long does weed stay in your system? We look at one of the most-asked questions about using marijuana.

Calendar: Hemp festival, 303 Day fun & 50 more events await in March 2016

Fun with your buds: Events on tap for March include 303 Day at Illegal Pete’s, a hemp festival at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, cannabis painting classes, comedy all over town and more.

Cannabist Calendar: Bob Marley’s big day, romance & more in February 2016

February 2016 highlights: On Feb. 6, celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday. And Valentines themed cannabis events heat up Denver for singles and couples.

Ask The Cannabist: How do I calculate THC for making homemade edibles using BHO?

A how-to guide for calculating THC potency when making BHO edibles instead of using traditional cannabutter for marijuana recipes.

Desperately seeking outdoor-grown, organic Colorado marijuana

A pesticide-wary reader wants organic, outdoor-grown marijuana in Colorado, and Ask the Cannabist finds that organic cultivation can get complicated.

Cannabist Calendar: January 2016 gets rolling with winter fests & lots more

Stretch your limits at a vinyasa yoga class at Bend and Blaze every week. Catch a hip-hop show, including Mizznekol at Speak Easy Vape Lounge or head to the mountains for winter festivals celebrating fire and ice in Aspen, Telluride and Breckenridge.

What are safe levels for cannabis use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Ask The Cannabist: A reader who is breastfeeding asks if it’s safe to use marijuana. We look at available research and guidelines from women’s health groups.

Cannabist Calendar: Festive weed events abound in dank December 2015

The holiday season is here! Gather your buds and roll around town for some fun during the holidays. Join iBake Denver for a field trip to see the downtown Denver tradition Parade of Lights, have dinner and cruise around town in a smoker-friendly bus with a comedian looking at tacky Christmas lights, make a hand-crafted gift at Puff Pass & Paint or laugh until you cry at the Sexpot Chris-mas show — with headlining comic Chris Gethard.

Marijuana cough: Why do I cough while smoking cannabis?

A reader has developed a marijuana cough in the last few years, and wonders what to do. The Cannabist spoke with a UCLA researcher for the answer.

Cannabist calendar: November 2015 stuffed with 40-plus things to do

Dress up in character for Chromic Con at Speak Easy Vape Lounge, catch a comedy buzz at the Denver Improv Festival or learn more about  cooking with cannabis at a Tattered Cover author event.

High Society: A tasty soiree stretches possibilities of cannabis entertaining

The Headquarters Harvest Dinner draws a cultivated crowd with its twist on a farm-to-table dinner: cannabis pairings that complement a special menu created by Colorado “Top Chef” champion Hosea Rosenberg

Cannabist Calendar: Autumn is blazin’ with 50+ events in October 2015

October 2015 events: Munchie Crawl; Lucha Libre and Laughs Zombie Brawl; Emma Crawford coffin races; Hemp Harvest Party and more.

What is the marijuana industry doing to reduce its carbon footprint?

Ask The Cannabist: Why doesn’t the marijuana industry operate entirely on renewable energy? Industry insiders say there are obstacles to sustainability.

Ask The Cannabist: Can a tenant grow 100 pot plants in a rental home?

A reader wants to know if a renter claiming to have a license could grow 100 plants at home. Ask the Cannabist reaches out to a lawyer for help.

Cannabist calendar: September 2015 has 50+ ways to stay entertained

September 2015 events: Rim Rock Camping and Music Festival, bawdy comedy fun at Uncalled Four: The Worst Bar Game, Jimmy Cliff reggae show and more music.

Ask The Cannabist: Should I tell my doctor I use weed?

A reader wants to know if there are hazards to telling your doctor that you use marijuana. Ask the Cannabist goes to a medical source for guidance.

Social pot use: It’s a riddle for Seattle as well as in Denver

Marijuana advocates at the annual Seattle Hempfest have differing views on social pot use. We get insight from NORML founder Keith Stroup and Hempfest’s Vivian McPeak.

Cannabist calendar: 70-plus events for August 2015

August 2015 events: High Plains Comedy Festival, Reggae on the Rocks, help with gardening at Ekar Farms, Dead Prez performs in Colorado Springs & more.

Has Colorado changed its rules for out-of-state marijuana biz investors?

A reader wants to know if a recently passed Colorado bill allows out-of-state residents to own equity in Colorado marijuana businesses.

Cannabist Calendar: July 2015 sizzles with 70 ways to stay entertained

What’s on tap for July 2015: Uncalled Four interactive comedy show hits the bar scene. Celebrate 7/10 at the Lion Sesh in Colorado Springs, garden with The Green Team, jam with String Cheese at Red Rocks or check out the Second Annual Munchie Cup in Denver.

Ask The Cannabist: What’s the best way to transport pot plants?

For a caregiver moving marijuana plants from one facility to another, discretion and proper documentation are key, says a marijuana compliance attorney

How do I become a marijuana lobbyist? Tips on getting involved

What types of lobbyist jobs are available in marijuana? We talk to a professional lobbyist about the types of lobbyist roles and how to get started.

Ask The Cannabist: After Coats ruling, what’s next for medical pot users?

After court ruling on Coats vs. Dish Network: In order for employees who are medical marijuana patients to have protections from termination, a different legal approach is necessary. 

Can I be fired in my home state for using pot on my Colorado vacation?

Ask The Cannabist: Just because partaking in Colorado is legal, it doesn’t mean you’re protected from work consequences when you get back home.

What’s a safe distance between hemp and marijuana plants?

Curious about marijuana pollination by hemp plants? Now that hemp cultivation is increasing in the United States, it’s a factor growers must consider.

Ask the Cannabist: Can I legally post photos of my pot plants online?

Reader: ‘I’m growing weed in my basement, and I’m proud of my pot plants. I want to share them on the Internet. But is that legal?’

Ask The Cannabist: Where is CBD oil legal within the U.S.?

A reader is curious about the legality of CBD oil. Cannabis compliance attorney Robert Hoban breaks down the differences with marijuana and industrial hemp.

Cannabist Calendar: June 2015 heats up with 50-plus weed-OK’d nights out

Cannabist Calendar: June 2015 edition. From Hemp History Week to 420-friendly yoga classes to the Cannabis Carnival II at the Fillmore, here’s fun for your June.

Ask The Cannabist: Staking out marijuana statistics in Colorado crime and DUID arrests

Colorado marijuana crime stats: What’s the impact of legal pot? Breaking down 2013 and 2014 stats for pot arrests, crimes at dispensaries, DUIDs and more.

Should I mention my pot use, medical or recreational, during job interviews?

Reader asks: “At what point, if at all, should I tell my potential new employer that I’m a medical marijuana patient?” We talk with the experts.

Is it ever legal to buy or sell marijuana on Craigslist (and other similar sites)?

A reader asks: “Is it ever legal to buy or sell marijuana on Craigslist?” We spoke with marijuana law/criminal defense attorney Lauren Davis for the answer.

Ask The Cannabist: Smoking or vaping weed vs. eating edibles — why is the high so different?

A reader wants to know more about the differences between marijuana edibles vs. smoking. Get an explanation of the factors that cause the high to be different as well as the duration of the effects for these types of pot consumption.

Cannabist calendar: May 2015 in full bloom with 50-plus stoney events

April showers bring May flowers! Enjoy the warm springtime weather — and your favorite flowers. In Denver, take a yoga or painting class at Green Labs, find your groove at reggae night at Grow Big Supply or catch a comedy buzz with SexPot Comedy.  Geek out at Denver Comic Con or take an early camping trip along the Colorado River at Campout for a Cause.

Ask The Cannabist: Cannabutter recipe debate — to use water, or not?

Get info on how to make cannabutter or canna-oils and reasons to use the water method versus going without, with tips from Colorado chef Jessica Catalano.