Susan Squibb

Susan Squibb

Susan Squibb, the Cannabis Maven, is a Denver-based freelance cannabis writer and an operations management consultant. She founded and organizes the event, Mother's High Tea. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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This column answers reader questions about cannabis matters, including a query about the U.S. Supreme Court hearing the pot lawsuit filed against Colorado.

Ask The Cannabist, 4/20 edition: How to get around Denver without driving

Planning a full weekend of 4/20 fun in Colorado? Learn about the transportation options available for getting around Denver without driving.

Calendar: Lots to do in April 2015, and of course 4/20 weekend

Cannabist calendar: Stoney events in April 2015 for Denver, Colorado Springs and beyond. 4/20 weekend events, comedy shows, classes, music & more. And we’ll be updating with more 4/20 events as we hear about them.

Ask The Cannabist: Marijuana is still illegal in Iowa. When will that change?

Reader: When is Iowa expected to change its marijuana laws? The Cannabist: Some change happened last year when Iowa passed a CBD-only medical bill …

Ask The Cannabist: I tested positive for pot after I had my baby. Now what?

In this week’s Ask The Cannabist: A new mother is surprised when doctors test her for pot use after delivering her baby. She tested positive. Now what?

Ask The Cannabist: Are U.S. pot industry jobs open to foreigners?

Q: What kind of pot industry jobs are available for a non-United States resident? Our “Ask The Cannabist” advice columnist has the answer.

Cannabist calendar: 50-plus things to do in March 2015

Cannabist calendar: Stoney events in March 2015 for Denver, Colorado Springs and beyond. Comedy shows, classes, karaoke, food-themed happenings & more.

Ask The Cannabist: Can traveler bring their vape for 4-hour Denver layover?

A traveler has questions about TSA vaporizer rules: Can they pack their Pax Ploom to sample Colorado’s recreational marijuana during an extended layover?

Cannabist calendar: February 2015 has lots of stoney events you’ll love

Share the love with your buds and spend quality time together at these stoney events in Colorado for February 2015.

Cannabist Q&A: Hair follicle drug test, CBD laws, female libido enhancers

This Q&A answers readers’ queries about cannabis. Topics include hair follicle drug testing; state cannabidiol (CBD) laws; and marijuana products designed to boost the female libido.

Cannabist Q&A: Wholesale grow licenses, purchase limit for edibles

This Q&A handles readers’ cannabis queries. Topics include recreational marijuana cultivation licenses, out-of-state shoppers and edibles purchase limits.

Cannabist calendar: 50-plus fun events in January 2015

Check our January events calendar for stoney things to do in Denver, Colorado Springs and beyond. Comedy, painting classes, themed lounge events and more.

Ask The Cannabist: Naming strains, federal rescheduling riddle

This Q&A answers readers’ questions about cannabis. Topics include strain name origins and the potential ramifications of moving marijuana out of its federal Schedule I drug classification.

Cannabist calendar: 40-plus chill things to do in December 2014

Celebrate winter and the holidays with some of your buds this month.  Jam on Reggae Night, catch the scary holiday classic “Gremlins” at Werewolf Radar Picture Show, enjoy the potluck at the IBake holiday feast or laugh ’til you cry at the SexPot Comedy First Anniversary Show. Happy Holidaze!

Cannabist Q&A: D.C. weed, industry job advice, cannabinoids in edibles

This Q&A answers reader questions about cannabis matters. Topics include the Washington D.C. vote for marijuana legalization; cannabinoids in edibles; and advice on marijuana jobs for a retiree seeking part-time work.

Review: Are marijuana tours in Colorado worth your time and money?

Get on the bus: One of our critics took a day-long bus trip around Denver to visit dispensaries, head shops and a marijuana grow, and offers an inside scoop on the experience.

Cannabist Q&A: Reciprocity states; epilepsy; pumpkin-flavored strains

This Q&A handles readers’ questions about cannabis. Topics include states with medical marijuana-card reciprocity; epilepsy treatments; and pumpkin-flavored marijuana strains.

Cannabist Q&A: Vapes vs. pipes, pot college prep and 420 dance nights

Ah, the age-old vapes vs. pipes debate: Which is the key to a better high? We answer that question and more in this week’s Cannabist Q&A, including what college degrees are well-suited for the cannabis industry, and if there are 420 dance nights for Baby Boomers.

Cannabist calendar: November 2014 has lots of stoney fall happenings

Seasonal temperatures are falling and sending the stoney fun indoors. Keep your spirits up with sidesplitting comedy shows, painting at marijuana-friendly art classes, and celebrate the bounty of your legal harvest at Thanksgiving. Here’s The Cannabist’s calendar for the month of November.

Cannabist Q&A: Harvest time, 420-friendly lodging, joint-rolling contest

Cannabist Q&A: A reader seeks advice about processing their marijuana harvest, plus other queries on finding 420-friendly lodging in Colorado and the legality of setting up an online joint-rolling contest.

Cannabist Q&A: mailing to Texas, Red Rocks’ pot policy, growing for friend

This Q&A handles readers’ questions about cannabis matters. Topics include mailing weed seeds to Texas; Red Rocks’ rules; and caring for a friend’s plants.

Cannabist calendar: 50-plus events for October 2014

Spend the autumn month getting together with stony friends to watch Sunday football, chuckle at comedy shows, go for the gold at the Canna-lympics, camp overnight on a hemp farm and kick it with Snoop Dogg at the Gypsy Jane Festival.

Cannabist calendar: 40-plus events for September 2014

Seasons are changing, but the fun doesn’t end in Colorado. Check out the calendar and catch a comedy show,  harvest fest, a grow store happy hour, painting class or ladies dance night with your buds — or go solo and make new friends.

Cannabist Q&A: Dosing for newbies, probation restrictions, ’70s strains

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include marijuana dosing for newbies; probation restrictions for medical marijuana; and a quest for strains seen in Denver in the ’70s.

Cannabist Q&A: THC in blood, Denver Cannabis Cup 2015, pot pricing

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include how long THC stays in the bloodstream; the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup; and whether pot prices have dropped in Colorado since Jan. 1.

Cannabist Q&A: Growing season, medical card residency, sexy strains

This Q&A handles reader questions on cannabis matters, including the growing season for marijuana in Colorado; residency requirement for a Colorado medical red card; and sexy strain recommendations.

Cannabist Q&A: Grow room tour, penny stocks, strain hunting website

Topics for this Q&A installment include signing up for a cannabis tour to get an inside look at one of Colorado’s commercial cultivation facilities, plus other questions from readers about penny stock investing and searching online for specific strains.

Cannabist Q&A: Carsick dog, vaping effects, investing

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include using marijuana for a carsick dog; the vaping high vs. smoking high; and investing options for non-Colorado residents.

Cannabist Q&A: Food trucks, pot-centric education; investing

The Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include marijuana edibles food trucks in Colorado, marijuana university classes and options for unaccredited investors in the pot industry.

Video: Wandering South Park fest and wondering, “What are you on?”

The recent South Park Music and Camping Festival in the Colorado high country provided a chill, outdoorsy and 420-friendly way to spend Independence Day this year.

How to calculate THC dosage in recipes for marijuana edibles

Question: I’m a recipient of a quarter-ounce of weed given to me by a friend. I’d like to use it for cooking and I’m encouraged by the recipes on this site. However, I can’t find a way to convert what I have into practical use. Can you help?

The Cannabist Calendar: 40-plus marijuana-friendly events in July 2014

The summer is heating up, and it’s time to make plans to meet a few buds at some of these upcoming cannabis-friendly events. There are lots of July 4 holiday happenings, music, private club theme nights, comedy and more.

Cannabist Q&A: Limits on plants, tourist smoke spots, insomnia strain

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include limits on pot plants for home growers; places in Colorado where tourists can toke; and treating insomnia.

Cannabist Q&A: treating rheumatoid arthritis, red card renewal, bad breath

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, bad breath and pot smoking, and a medical marijuana red-card renewal issue.

Cannabist Q&A: drug tests and topicals, open container law, “enclosed” growing

This Q&A handles reader questions on cannabis matters. Topics include drug testing after using THC-infused topicals; Colorado’s open-container law for transporting marijuana; and “enclosed” outdoor growing.

Cannabist Q&A: medical research; honey oil, background checks

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include recent medical research; honey oil health concerns about residual contaminants; and shop application background checks.

Cannabist Q&A: legal CBD, great outdoors, harvest stash

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include CBD product legality; the definition of “enclosed” growing space; and homegrown harvest possession limits.

Cannabist Q&A: Gun possession, hash styles, DUID blood draws

The Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include gun possession; hash styles; and DUID blood draws.

Cannabist Q&A: Medical edibles vs. rec; tax plans; Amsterdam-esque tourism

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include rules and limits on medical edibles; Colorado 2014 tax revenue results so far and the state’s spending plans; and an out-of-towner wondering if any pot shops offer “sampler packs” for pot tourists.

Cannabist Q&A: DUIs and THC impairment; topicals for pain; work drug tests

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include stoned driving and the THC limit of 5 nanograms for DUI; marijuana-infused topicals for arthritis pain; and employment drug screening in Colorado — if pot is legal, why the testing?

Cannabist Q&A: Pollen worries, shopping advice, warning labels

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include hemp pollen affecting marijuana plants, shopping for pain management options and warning labels.

Cannabist Q&A: Private clubs/hotels; home-grow help; keeping herb fresh

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include businesses that allow pot consumption; getting assistance growing; and strategies for marijuana storage.

Cannabist Q&A: Avoiding “Cup cough” illness; Colo. DUI/DUID statistics

Question: It’s a social and cultural thing to share cannabis, but I’ve talked to so many people who have caught a cold after cannabis events where everyone is sharing rigs and pipes. So how do I avoid “Cup cough”?

Ask The Cannabist: Pulled over by police? Know your rights

This Q&A handles reader questions on marijuana matters. If a driver is pulled over by police outside Colorado, what are their constitutional rights?

Cannabist Q&A: Etiquette for pot talk, slang, seed searching

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include avoiding unwanted conversations about Colorado pot; history of the term “marijuana”; and searching for seeds.

Cannabist Q&A: Retiree dream, seeds, anti-cannabis culture

This Q&A handles readers’ questions about marijuana matters. Topics include where to live in Colorado for easy pot shopping; seed purchasing; and anti-cannabis culture.

Cannabist Q&A: seeds, outdoor gardening, rec shopping woes

Readers have marijuana questions, and here are answers. In this installment, topics include buying seeds in Colorado, when is good time to start growing outdoors and a disappointing recreational shopping experience.

Cannabist Q&A: Mental health, medical cards, growing

Handling readers’ marijuana questions. In this installment, medical strain recommendations for mental health; using an out-of-state medical card in Colorado and getting started as a grower.