Bruce Kennedy

Bruce Kennedy

Bruce Kennedy is a veteran communications professional and multi-media journalist who has years of experience in international and business news. He started covering Colorado's cannabis industry in 2010.

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California cannabis company receives historic $1 million insurance payout following fire

A Southern California cannabis cultivator received a payout of well over $1 million from an unnamed insurance carrier in Great Britain, for crop damages that the grower suffered during the massive Thomas Fire this past December and January.

Medical marijuana advocates react to ouster of VA chief, nomination of Dr. Ronny Jackson

One veterans organization called David Shulkin’s tenure at the VA, “a blunder that has caused harm to millions of veterans.”

Patient-focused report graded medical marijuana programs. No states received an A.

None of the state medical marijuana laws adopted thus far in the U.S. can be considered ideal from a patient’s standpoint, according to a report by Americans for Safe Access.

Wholesale cannabis prices tumbled in 2017 — and they have yet to hit rock bottom

Analysts at Cannabis Benchmarks, an independent price reporting agency, found the price per pound of legal marijuana was down 13 percent in 2017 compared to 2016, and they’re projecting prices will continue to fall in 2018.

Veterans group ratchets up pressure on White House and Congress to support medical marijuana research

Top officials at of The American Legion stepped up their calls for the federal government to legitimize and invest in medical marijuana research.

Cannabis industry leaders: Marijuana businesses can redefine Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR can boost the cannabis sector’s image and bottom line, industry leaders said during a keynote panel at the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Seed to Sale Show in Denver.

One month after Sessions marijuana memo, where do U.S. attorneys stand on legal weed?

Here’s what we know about the top federal prosecutors stationed in the nine states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

Wholesale cannabis prices hit historic lows in January, but don’t blame Sessions

The U.S. Spot Index for cannabis last week stood at a national average of $1,292 per pound, a 3.5% decline compared to the week prior, according to Cannabis Benchmarks.

Could Sessions’ marijuana policy shift benefit the cannabis industry in 2018?

The A.G.’s unilateral moves have forced politicians to take sides on marijuana legalization, the leader of the National Cannabis Industry Association told a gathering of the group’s Colorado members.

Cannabis at the Olympics? Gold medalist and advocate Ross Rebagliati on CBD’s future in international sport

The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from it’s prohibited substance list on Jan. 1, but cannabis remains illegal in South Korea, host of this year’s Winter Games

Veterans and access to cannabis: 2017 in review

2017 was a year of frustration but also incremental progress for military veterans and their advocates as veterans’ organizations and their supporters continued to lobby federal and state politicians to expand medical marijuana access and research.

Veterans groups react to VA’s shift in medical marijuana policy

The directive changes policy to support “the Veteran – (health) provider relationship when discussing the use of marijuana and its impact on health, including Veteran-specific treatment plans.”

MJ Freeway discloses another cyberattack on the firm, affecting cannabis businesses

MJ Freeway, a Colorado firm that provides business software for the legal cannabis industry, has disclosed it was the target of a cyberattack in November 2016.

More veterans parlaying their military skills into cannabis careers

Meet the veterans in the cannabis industry: The skills they developed in the military, including discipline and work ethic, are welcomed by businesses.

Watch: Cannabis ad a pitch-perfect parody of dire pharmaceutical commercials

Ad for Oregon delivery service Briteside reminds: “Sometimes you need to stop worrying and take a deep breath. Sometimes, you need cannabis.”

Congress members, veterans join forces in call for medical marijuana reforms

A bipartisan group of U.S. Representatives, along with several combat veterans and the mother of a Marine who died by suicide after struggling with prescribed pharmaceuticals, came together in Washington on Thursday and urged Congress to advance efforts for medical marijuana research.

MJ Freeway software firm fights cyberattacks, outages, missed deadlines and negative press

The groundbreaking cannabis software company struggles to maintain its mission despite high-profile setbacks in Washington and Nevada and negative press.

American Legion poll: Veterans overwhelmingly support medical cannabis research, legalization

A new survey by the American Legion showing strong support in the military veterans community for medical marijuana research and legalization.

Fears mount for California MMJ patients over “cannabis deserts”

Advocates worry that local bans on the California cannabis industry will make it much more difficult for some patients to access medical marijuana.

Congressional members press VA chief to help vet-focused marijuana research

The letter to Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is the latest effort by House lawmakers and veterans groups to encourage cannabis research to proceed

Natural disasters spotlight lack of insurance options for cannabis industry

A recent spate of natural disasters is drawing more awareness to how vulnerable legal marijuana businesses are when it comes to insurance coverage.

After the smoke clears: What’s next for Northern California’s cannabis industry?

Experts say Northern California’s legal cannabis sector, including parts of the Emerald Triangle, could face a long recovery after catastrophic wildfires.

Colorado drags down national marijuana prices in first half of 2017

The price of a pound of legal marijuana continues to plummet in 2017, according to a new report tracking the commodity’s U.S. spot price index.

American Legion calls for ‘direct involvement’ from VA Secretary for federally-approved cannabis PTSD study

The powerful veterans group says lack of support puts the pioneering, federally approved study in jeopardy.

Creator of the “Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers” reflects on weed’s long, strange trip

Underground comix artist, expatriate and counterculture icon Gilbert Shelton is following legalization efforts 50 years after he helped make cannabis cool

VA roadblock hinders study on cannabis as PTSD treatment for veterans, researcher says

Medical marijuana proponents say assistance from VA could jump-start a pioneering clinical study of cannabis in treating PTSD in veterans.

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act is back — is this the year Congress legalizes the crop?

A bipartisan group of lawmakers are again calling for industrial hemp to be legally separated from marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act, and advocates believe they might just have the political momentum to succeed.

Cannabis on the Colorado border: Trinidad sued after enacting pot club moratorium

A new lawsuit in the southern Colorado city of Trinidad underscores the patchwork nature of laws covering social use of marijuana after state lawmakers failed to pass regulations for pot clubs.

Trending: Why more and more experienced workers want a new career in cannabis

There are plenty of weed jobs available that are beyond entry level, and more well-established members of the workforce are looking at the cannabis industry.

Will this be the year Congress expands veterans’ access to medical marijuana?

A Senate committee just voted to allow VA doctors to talk medical marijuana with patients, but a similar measure was killed last year despite bicameral support.

State fairs embracing cannabis displays

In another sign of how quickly cannabis is becoming Americana, the plant may have soon have a tent at your local county fair alongside prize vegetables and livestock.

Jack Herer: You know the strain, now get to know the man

Remembering legendary marijuana legalization activist and author Jack Herer on what would have been his 78th birthday.

Super-plant hemp poised to fuel the next “Green Rush”

While marijuana legalization gets the headlines, hemp shows potential for explosive growth in sectors ranging from the auto industry to pharmaceuticals.

Hemp products booming, but U.S. farmers hampered by its Schedule I status

The U.S. remains the largest consumer market for hemp products worldwide, but hemp remains illegal under federal law as a dangerous Schedule I substance.

American hemp has a tumultuous history. Now it’s coming out of marijuana’s shadow.

It’s Hemp History Week: Activists, politicians and scientists are helping rehab hemp’s rep, while touting its potential economic and environmental benefits

These 6 groups help vets get access to medical marijuana

There’s increasing demand among U.S. military veterans for safe access to legal marijuana for the treatment of their physical and mental ailments.

American Legion calls on Trump to take cannabis off Schedule I to help vets

America’s largest veterans service organization tells Donald Trump to reschedule marijuana to permit research into its efficacy for treating medical disorders suffered by vets.

You can build your own tiny hemp home, he’ll show you how

Use of hemp as a construction material is part of the revival of the crop in America, thanks to entrepreneurs who are thinking big — and small, including a Colorado firm that hosts workshops on hempcrete and builds tiny hemp houses.

Yoga and cannabis: Ganjasana melds plant science and an ancient tradition

Rachael Carlevale’s life has taken some twists, including a health crisis, that led to Ganjasana yoga, which she says centers on using cannabis plant medicine mindfully.

Cannabis industry insiders dish on the eve of 4/20

The Cannabist spoke with insiders from a wide spectrum of Colorado cannabis companies to get their take on where the industry stands in 2017

Feds threaten intervention in High Times Cannabis Cup outside Las Vegas

There’s a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup in Nevada, following word that federal authorities warned the Moapa Paiute Tribe about potential intervention in the cannabis-centric event.

Start your marriage on a high note: Tips for cannabis-themed weddings

The Cannabis Wedding Expo, expanding to three states in 2017, helps enthusiasts incorporate marijuana into their big day. Get tips and ideas from the pros.

The bong is dead. Long live the bong

Though their history goes back centuries, the trusty water pipe is at a crossroads, as marijuana legalization changes how pot enthusiasts consume their cannabis.

Cannabis stigma: Millennials caught in changing norms

Despite their support for cannabis legalization and increasing social acceptance, many millennials are reluctant to talk openly about their marijuana use.

Why this pressing issue should be among cannabis consumers’ most urgent concerns

While marijuana consumers and enthusiasts might be rejoicing over the recent string of electoral victories for cannabis legalization, they also still face some new and quite sobering realities.

Is transporting marijuana legally between states a pipe dream, or will legalization trend propel change?

Federal law prohibits marijuana and its transportation across state lines; but the new number of cannabis-friendly states sharing borders may end up testing that ban.

Across America, efforts to decriminalize marijuana are pitting cities vs. states

Metropolitan areas across the country are enacting ordinances to decriminalize marijuana, while their home states often attempt to enforce far stricter laws.

Coveted cannabis: Why California weed growers are pursuing appellations like wine makers

Wine experts are working with marijuana growers in California’s well-known Emerald Triangle to set up standards that define specific regions and brands.