Our pot critic Jake Browne takes on a few more Q's from his Reddit AMA

Our pot critic Jake Browne takes on a few more Q’s from his Reddit AMA

Jake Browne: I’ve been a fan of Reddit for years, so when I looked at their AMA (Ask Me Anything) calendar and saw that Thursday was looking light, I thought I’d give this unconventional interview format a shot. There are always questions coming in after the bell on these AMAs, so I wanted to address the five “best of the rest.”

Jake Browne Cannabist pot critic

Our pot critic Jake Browne answers all on Reddit

The magic of a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session is the chance to throw out some weird questions, and Cannabist marijuana critic Jake Browne was game for them all. Dude knows a lot, and not only about weed; his AMA will give you the lowdown on how he critiques pot for a mainstream publication, the effectiveness of marijuana-infused lube and many other topics.

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Snoop Dogg hijacks Will Ferrell on Reddit to talk “trees,” cowbell

Remember that time when Snoop Dogg hijacked Will Farrell’s hilarious Reddit AMA to talk weed and cowbell? As Farrell pushed through his AMA on Tuesday with comedy-gold answers to ridiculous questions, it was clear he was having fun with the Reddit crowd.

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