Nick Jonas shares his embarrassing edibles-and-erection story with Jimmy Fallon. (The Tonight Show)

A weed lollipop freaked out Nick Jonas and gave him an unintentional erection

Pop star Nick Jonas tells for the first time a story about a marijuana edible that gave him a surprise erection at an inopportune time

With legal marijuana becoming increasingly normalized, so are our interactions with the intoxicating plant.

Pop star Nick Jonas told one of his odd-and-embarrassing weed stories for the first time on “The Tonight Show” the other night, and it’s so strange and funny we had to share it.

It all started when one of Jonas’ friend’s wives offered him a weed lollipop. He took it and “enjoyed the night, felt great, went to bed feeling fine,” Jonas told “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

“I woke up the next day — slow motion, everything’s in slow motion. I’m like, ‘Oh no, this is happening, this is real’ — because I had to be up for the Young Hollywood Awards, (I was) presenting at the Young Hollywood Awards. And so I’m panicking.”

Jonas went back to bed, hoping to feel better after a few more hours of sleep. But he didn’t. After he got into the shower he heard a voice in his head telling him, “Your life is over! You’re going to die!” But Jonas had responsibilities, so he got dressed in a red suit and made his way to the award show where, while arriving on the red carpet, he found himself with an odd side effect of his high.

“Out of nowhere I get a NARB,” Jonas told Fallon. “All men get a NARB from time to time.”

Fallon didn’t know what a NARB was. (Neither did I.) So Jonas shared:

“A NARB is a non-apparent reason boner,” he said.

We like Urban Dictionary’s definition better, as it’s more grammatically sound: No apparent reason boner.

Watch the whole interaction above. Fallon even pulls some file photo and video from that very strange day.