Screen grab from GQ web series "Most Expensiveist Shit" with rapper 2 Chainz and celebrity cannabis consultant Dr. Dina . (GQ)

Watch and be envious: Here’s what a $500,000 weed sesh looks like

Why can’t we all be so lucky?

Rapper 2 Chainz has tried a lot of random, extravagant things on the GQ web series “Most Expensivest Shit” — from using a $5,000 toothbrush to trying on $48,000 sunglasses with fellow music star Diplo to petting a $100K dog.

GQ found a way to raise the bar in the Season Three premiere of the series, helping 2 Chainz take his high-class lifestyle even higher as he samples a ridiculously lavish marijuana spread.

Last season, celebrity medical-cannabis consultant Dr. Dina took 2 Chainz to smoke 24K gold joints and a fancy strain that costs $800 an ounce.

This time? Half a million dollars worth of weed, custom-made bongs and THC crystals bring the rapper to tears in the above video.

2 Chainz is guided by experts Dr. Dina and Adam Ill through this most expensive weed wonderland. He takes a $500 dab of hash oil, is presented with a life-size microphone blunt with his name on it and tokes from a $50,000 scorpion mask bong, which he lovingly describes as “some real white people shit.”

“I feel like Dr. Dina can parallel park a train. That’s how cool Dr. Dina is,” 2 Chainz says at the end of the sesh. “She likes getting the boy high, she always comes with these interesting products — vapes and oils, shit that gets you geeked, and really make you develop a wild-ass appetite. Boy, do we know how to fuck up some food.”

2 Chainz has served many cann-ambassador roles in his career — from his always open-and-honest talk about his lifestyle, to smoking the “largest spliff in Colorado” in 2015 alongside Snoop Dogg on 4/20 and fearlessly debating marijuana laws live with TV pundit Nancy Grace.

You may want to watch this most expensive weed sesh more than once to get a closer look at the classy cannabis contraptions.

Glass gear by the artist known as Banjo
Kevin Chapman of Hitman Glass displays a piece known as “Iron Hide” by Banjo (the glass artist who designed the scorpion mask bong 2 Chainz smokes in the above video). It was on display at the Cannabis Cup in Denver on April 19, 2014. (Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)