Happy little trees, indeed: Netflix has picked up the Bob Ross painting series "Beauty is Everywhere" for its streaming catalog. (Netflix)

The best news of the summer: Bob Ross painting series now on Netflix

Praise Netflix. Among its release slate for June, now streaming is the Bob Ross series “Beauty is Everywhere,” making the serene couch session you’ve always dreamed of a reality.

Ross gained a cult following for his soothing teaching techniques on the PBS series “The Joy of Painting,” which he hosted from 1983-84. The Florida-based painter died from lymphoma in 1995 at age 52.

The lesser-known “Beauty is Everywhere” was taped in 1991 and features a similar format. The equally-educational series is only made better with cameos by Ross’ pet squirrel.

“Let me show you my pal here, it’s a little girl squirrel that lives with me. She is the cutest little devil that you’ve ever seen,” says Ross in the teaser video.

A fan-run Twitter account is also clearly excited, introducing the official #BobRossandChill hashtag:

Watch the full clip below and add all 25 episodes to your queue ASAP. Until the marathon commences, remember to just “have fun all day…this is your world, so you can do anything that you want to do.”

Oh and here’s Bob Ross eating pizza, just because.

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