Milk Makeup's Roll + Blot papers come in a pack of 100. (Provided by Milk Makeup)

Milk Makeup’s double-duty blotting and rolling papers are the best beauty product yet for pot smokers

In smoke-and-you-missed-it news, Milk Makeup has a face-blotting and rolling paper combo pack as part of its 85-piece line, which launched earlier this year.

We just learned about this brilliant beauty product in Fast Company’s recent profile on Milk Studios’ foray into the crowded market of edgy cosmetics brands.

Our response? “Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration” emoji. Made of 100 percent unbleached hemp fibers, Milk Makeup’s Roll + Blot papers are a must-have for any avid marijuana smoker’s makeup bag.

And we also totally vibe with their vibe. Fast Company reports:

Milk Makeup’s hook is a character: the Milk Girl. Company cofounder Mazdack Rassi says this “girl” is the kind of person who takes five minutes to put on her makeup in the back seat of a cab as she’s being ferried between chic events. She’s too cool to want a full makeup mask. Everything is meant to be practical: Blotting papers double as rolling papers; all products are designed to be rolled on or applied with a finger. No brushes or powder puffs necessary.

Apparently using blotting papers before they officially existed as dual-purpose rolling papers is an age-old trick of crafty stoners according to Reddit and even Google. Related searches for “Milk Makeup Blotting Papers” include “Can you use oil blotting papers to roll a joint” and “Can you smoke blotting paper?” Let’s just hope no one was smoking those plastic-y, blue Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing sheets back in the day.

Now, you can do double duty conscientiously — all Milk Makeup products are cruelty-free — to soak up excess oil on your face or roll a joint. Just not with the same piece of paper (ick) out of the 100-sheet pack. Plus, you’ll be the talk of powder rooms everywhere.

Props to Allure, which first reported on this on 4/20, natch.

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[h/t Allure & Fast Company]