Cannabist marijuana critic Jake Browne, in a scene from documentary "Rolling Papers." (Zachary Armstrong)

Our pot critic Jake Browne answers all on Reddit

Leave it to Reddit user “dick_wool” to ask Cannabist pot critic Jake Browne if he’s tried any strains of marijuana that enhance sex.

“Like horny goat weed or something?” Browne answered a few minutes ago on Reddit, setting up a joke as only a stand-up comedian can. “Not yet, but any strain can enhance sex. You’re high. Medically, I always say that marijuana will gain mainstream acceptance if it can help people lose weight, grow hair or grow boners.”

Read all of Browne’s AMA here on Reddit. Dude knows a lot, and not only about weed; His AMA will give you the lowdown on marijuana-infused lube, how he critiques pot for a mainstream publication and his brand new hemp delivery service Hemp Box.

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