Jake Browne

Jake Browne

Jake Browne is a Denver-based comedian, writer and co-host of both the comedy game show Uncalled Four and the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast.

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Strain reviews: Chong’s Choice branded bud is choice weed, indeed

Tommy Chong’s new line of weed hits a little harsh but does the job – and even gets a top-shelf rave from our reviewer.

Strain reviews: How Willie Nelson’s Reserve line of weed tastes and smokes

Willie Nelson’s five specialty cannabis strains from Willie’s Reserve is now available in pot shops. Our weed critic gives his take on tastes and more.

Frankenberry (marijuana review)

At The Herbal Cure, Frankenberry is a house cross of Banana Kush and a sativa-leaning Blueberry pheno, resulting in a pungent, foxtailing masterpiece. But it isn’t “Frankenberry” in the traditional sense.

Strawberry Cough (marijuana review)

Anyone who has heard five minutes of hack comedy about being high has heard the old adage about not shopping whilst stoned. Speaking as someone who loathes every part of the consumer experience, from an abundance of mediocre products competing for attention to the malaise of strangers going through the…

Tangerine Man (marijuana review, Leafs by Snoop)

The clear winner in Snoop Dogg’s new Leafs by Snoop line of marijuana, Tangerine Man is a summertime joyride that won’t let you down.

Blueberry Dream (marijuana review, Leafs by Snoop)

The worst of the Leafs by Snoop flower line, Blueberry Dream fails to deliver the typical fruit notes while having the opposite effect of what’s advertised.

First look: Previewing the new line of Leafs by Snoop weed strains

The recently released Leafs by Snoop brand, touting eight signature strains of cannabis, is now available. Our pot critic checks out the collection.

G13 (marijuana review)

The subject of much lore and pop culture fascination (‘American Beauty,’ anyone?), this sample of G13 from a Denver-based caregiver has a Zen-like effect.

Sour Kush (marijuana review)

Ideally, Sour Kush is a hybrid that helps you remain incredibly functional while still having that narcotic, pain-numbing effect of a great OG. This wasn’t a bad cover or even karaoke attempt at the strain: it was Muzak.

Amnesia Haze (marijuana review)

The high from Amnesia Haze is focused, but occasionally your brain hits the pause button without letting you know. If I was a video, I’d be intermittently buffering. Instead of the citrus zest I’ll get from a favorite like Super Lemon Haze, it’s more of a candied peel or my memory of those gummy lemon slices we’d eat as kids.

Dawg’s Waltz (marijuana review)

The Dawg’s Waltz marijuana strain, named after a David Grisman song, initially provides focus and pain relief, followed by an energy-sucking crash. As I wasn’t expecting my furniture to grow invisible tendrils to tether me, Dawg’s Waltz would be much more suited to zoning out to a movie than being a productive adult.

The White (marijuana review)

Review of marijuana strain The White: If The White is dinner, the beginning of your high is a flashy amuse bouche that elicits a few “oohs” and “ahhs.” When the second course drops, be ready for a more happy, sedating high.

Lemon Skunk (marijuana review)

A great choice for spring cleaning, Lemon Skunk is always perfect for providing a nudge in the right direction, that being directly below the kitchen sink. All of a sudden, I found myself dusting the ceiling fan.

Space Queen (marijuana review)

For a hybrid, Space Queen draws out the more playfully sativa headiness of the Romulan in the same way your old dog still surprises you with a spry day every now and then. With winter drawing to a close, I love strains like this to boost my mood.

Bio-Diesel (marijuana review)

Bio-Diesel usually has two distinct waves for me: Holy $%*# I’m feeling it, followed by a more attentive high and heavy body stone. The former can be a shock, as if it shakes your head like a giant Magic 8 Ball with the singular answer “Reply hazy try again.” The latter is ideal for poker, so I usually smoke 30 minutes prior to our 8 p.m. game.

Tangie (marijuana review)

Tangie typically stands above the rest of other “orange” strain offerings in terms of smell. It’s an orchard flush with Cuties clementines that was hit by the spray of a skunk a few days prior. I’m usually looking for muted green foxtails, but it’s usually the bright orange hairs that will catch your eye first.

Best of 2014: Pot critic Jake Browne’s ‘Top 10 strains I smoked this year’

Usually landing your dream job comes with the caveat that you’ll need to quit smoking pot. At least until you pass that pesky drug test. Instead, I spent 2014 packing bowls, vaping and, on occasion, rolling up some of the best weed in the world. Here are my “Top 10 strains I smoked this year.”

Tangerine Dream (marijuana review)

A vape sesh at an Amsterdam coffee shop with the widely-available Tangerine Dream provides a more reserved high than anticipated: “Usually, this is a strain that floors me with euphoria. Euflooria, if you will. Instead, I was unremarkably even.”

Afghan Haze (marijuana review)

Afghan Haze is the kind of strain that makes everything a skosh more fun. You’re engaged and situations are amplified. And it comes with a fair measure of pain relief and muscle relaxation, to boot.

Herijuana, a.k.a. Harijuana, Herojuana (marijuana review)

While Herijuana is great for pain relief, I recommend reserving it for the end of the day. This is a strain that gives you a bear hug you don’t want to end. It’s a head-over-heels kind of high in that I’m flat on my back, warm from the numbness that becomes increasingly more pervasive.

303 Kush (marijuana review)

Where a buzz hits you can tell you a lot about what you’ll be in for. Here, the 303 Kush sat in the center of my head — right behind my eyes — and camped out. This is the kind of “Magic Eye High” where you find yourself looking at something, but also through it at the same time. And, to be fair, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Alien Napalm OG (marijuana review)

Alien Napalm has an unfortunate name that I’m sure is an attempt to describe the feeling of having your entire body coated in THC. There’s an immediately sedative buzz that hits every limb and some people’s tongues.

Grape Ape (marijuana review)

Strain Theory: There’s a decent mood elevation that makes this passable for daytime smoking. However, as I mostly use it before bed, it’s kind of become my “sleep number” strain. No matter what’s going on with me, it adjusts.

Black Rhino (marijuana review)

Strain Theory: This Black Rhino smelled more like I walked into a grow room. I was catching nutrients and old trim, managing to coax the smallest waft of that rubber band smell when grinding it between my fingers.

Red Headed Stranger #14 (marijuana review)

Strain Theory: For people who haven’t smoked in a few years and think there’s a certain novelty in buying a Willie Nelson-themed type of pot, start with one hit and hold on.

Grape Stomper (marijuana review)

Two hits of the Grape Stomper and I had a very Headband-esque buzz pulsing through my face and body, with my mind racing and everything else coming to a screeching halt. It was as if I was the guy revving his engine at a stoplight that wasn’t turning.

Island Sweet Skunk (marijuana review)

For the first time I can remember (insert memory joke here), I’ve felt like I’m too busy to get high lately. As a daily toker for years, this makes frighteningly little sense. I point to examples of high-functioning peers all the time when confronted by the “Pot makes ya dumb!” crowd, yet here I find myself apprehensive to indulge.