Jake Browne

Jake Browne

Jake Browne is a Denver-based comedian, writer and co-host of both the comedy game show Uncalled Four and the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast.

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Six essential Colorado cannabis tours, from party buses to free-form adventures

See what you want to see with a Colorado cannabis tour company, whether it’s behind-the-scenes peeks at a professional grow on a full-day outing or just a 420-friendly ride from the airport. There are classes and custom offerings to be had too.

TV review: ‘Bong Appétit’ is the only reality show about weed you need to see

The team behind Viceland’s ‘Bong Appétit’ aren’t simply adding weed butter to recipes; they’re reinventing what it means to cook with cannabis.

Why budtenders (still) shouldn’t have tip jars: One pot shopper pushes back

If our strain reviewer had a dime for every argument he’s had about tipping bartenders, he’d have enough to ignore all of Denver’s dispensary tip jars.

10 Budtender Commandments: Licking the prerolls and other sins

We can go ahead and call it: 2016 was the year of the awful budtender. Here are some tips on what not to do behind the counter, after our reviewer culled a few of his least favorite experiences.

Strain reviews: Chong’s Choice branded bud is choice weed, indeed

Tommy Chong’s new line of weed hits a little harsh but does the job – and even gets a top-shelf rave from our reviewer.

Strain reviews: How Willie Nelson’s Reserve line of weed tastes and smokes

Willie Nelson’s five specialty cannabis strains from Willie’s Reserve is now available in pot shops. Our weed critic gives his take on tastes and more.

Weed vacation mistakes: 5 ways you’re doing it wrong

As long as there are states with prohibition, there will be marijuana tourism. It’s time to give some more practical tips for your next weed vacation.

It’s illegal to get high in Colorado concert venues. Should it be?

Op-ed: As I sat among clouds of weed smoke at Doug Benson’s show this week I couldn’t help but wonder: Getting high at concerts is still illegal, but should it be?

Frankenberry (marijuana review)

At The Herbal Cure, Frankenberry is a house cross of Banana Kush and a sativa-leaning Blueberry pheno, resulting in a pungent, foxtailing masterpiece. But it isn’t “Frankenberry” in the traditional sense.

The Lucas Brothers bail on Denver 4/20 show in stoned stand-up snafu

Comedy duo and noted weed enthusiasts The Lucas Brothers had to cancel their 4/20 set in Denver at the last minute after getting too high on edibles. “I didn’t believe in God before yesterday, but Denver weed made me believe in Jesus Christ,” admits Keith Lucas.

Strawberry Cough (marijuana review)

Anyone who has heard five minutes of hack comedy about being high has heard the old adage about not shopping whilst stoned. Speaking as someone who loathes every part of the consumer experience, from an abundance of mediocre products competing for attention to the malaise of strangers going through the…

Tangerine Man (marijuana review, Leafs by Snoop)

The clear winner in Snoop Dogg’s new Leafs by Snoop line of marijuana, Tangerine Man is a summertime joyride that won’t let you down.

Opinion: Chandler Jones’ ‘bad trip’ on Spice is the result of bad NFL policy

For fans of the New England Patriots, it’s the type of story you dread waking up to: A franchise player like defensive end Chandler Jones caught doing something on the fringe of the rulebook. Instead of dubious science regarding ball pressure, this time it’s scientifically created doobies sending a professional…

Blueberry Dream (marijuana review, Leafs by Snoop)

The worst of the Leafs by Snoop flower line, Blueberry Dream fails to deliver the typical fruit notes while having the opposite effect of what’s advertised.

First look: Previewing the new line of Leafs by Snoop weed strains

The recently released Leafs by Snoop brand, touting eight signature strains of cannabis, is now available. Our pot critic checks out the collection.

Op-ed: Carly Fiorina’s strong debate misses one key point on pot

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s statement about marijuana and beer at the Sept. 16 GOP debate perpetuates a tired myth about the drug.

Opinion: Pot isn’t the problem for Commons Park — privilege is

Complaints of marijuana use by homeless people at downtown Commons Park are misguided when there are few options available for pot consumption outside private residences.

G13 (marijuana review)

The subject of much lore and pop culture fascination (‘American Beauty,’ anyone?), this sample of G13 from a Denver-based caregiver has a Zen-like effect.

Sour Kush (marijuana review)

Ideally, Sour Kush is a hybrid that helps you remain incredibly functional while still having that narcotic, pain-numbing effect of a great OG. This wasn’t a bad cover or even karaoke attempt at the strain: it was Muzak.

Amnesia Haze (marijuana review)

The high from Amnesia Haze is focused, but occasionally your brain hits the pause button without letting you know. If I was a video, I’d be intermittently buffering. Instead of the citrus zest I’ll get from a favorite like Super Lemon Haze, it’s more of a candied peel or my memory of those gummy lemon slices we’d eat as kids.

Dawg’s Waltz (marijuana review)

The Dawg’s Waltz marijuana strain, named after a David Grisman song, initially provides focus and pain relief, followed by an energy-sucking crash. As I wasn’t expecting my furniture to grow invisible tendrils to tether me, Dawg’s Waltz would be much more suited to zoning out to a movie than being a productive adult.

The White (marijuana review)

Review of marijuana strain The White: If The White is dinner, the beginning of your high is a flashy amuse bouche that elicits a few “oohs” and “ahhs.” When the second course drops, be ready for a more happy, sedating high.

Cannabis Cup, Day 3: Concentrates rule the day on busy-yet-mellow 4/20

Even though it was a Monday afternoon and not the weekend, you couldn’t tell by the sheer volume of people at what appeared to be the busiest day yet for the three-day U.S. Cannabis Cup at the Denver Mart.

Interview: ‘Super Troopers 2’ cast on the big sequel, Cannabis Cup antics

We caught up with the “Super Troopers” cast at the U.S. Cannabis Cup to talk man-crushes, our favorite sequels and doing promos in their trooper uniforms.

Cannabis Cup, Day 2: Some Colorado shops take chance to win big

Greenman Cannabis and MMJ America stand out for U.S. Cannabis Cup Denver awards, while other state-licensed businesses opted out of the contest with concerns over Marijuana Enforcement Division compliance.