Jake Browne

Jake Browne

Jake Browne is a Denver-based comedian, writer and co-host of both the comedy game show Uncalled Four and the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast.

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Two parties in one cannabis-friendly scene: A Threesome With Mary Jane

While the Valentine’s Day “A Threesome With Mary Jane” did feature a person spinning records (or whatever is tantamount nowadays), it was by far one of the swankiest events I’ve attended in my five years in the marijuana business. For better or for worse.

Super Lemon Haze (marijuana review)

The key to a good Super Lemon Haze is all in the nose. Look for lemony with a savory, buttery undertone. “It’s the Swiss Army knife of sativas in that I can count on it for a boost in mood, energy, or creativity. Pretty much anything but sleep.”

Death Star (marijuana review)

Death Star, a hybrid, is highly euphoric yet extremely grounded at the same time. While it provided a measure of pain relief, its Diesel genetics make it inappropriate for those seeking a sleep aid. “All of my body aches were gone in minutes, but even if I had felt them, I’d have been too distracted to care”

Flo (marijuana review)

This sativa hybrid has an inoffensive quality. Formerly recommended to older medical patients who weren’t looking for extreme pain relief or a severe high. However, there’s problems in the smell, which lead to problems in the smoke.

Skywalker OG (marijuana review)

My budtender seemed apologetic that the nugs ranged from popcorn to mini-marshmallow in size, but it was precisely what I was expecting. And that doesn’t sound like a half-bad snack right now.

Bruce Banner #3 (marijuana review)

Determined to get some sativa for the post-holiday, back-to-reality blues, there were four choices available when I popped in. Honestly, I would have taken a gram of the divinely funky Lemon G13 on hand if it wasn’t on the stringy side. Instead, I’d finally have my date with Bruce Banner #3.

Girl Scout Cookies (marijuana review)

Review: Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain crossing the cerebral sativa high Durban Poison with the body-numb of OG Kush.

National Western Stock Show: Ride ’em high, cowboy

Thousands will begin flocking to Denver this week, but not only for a chance to buy legal weed. The National Western Stock Show kicks off its 108th celebration of bolo ties and bucking broncos on Jan. 11th, an event for which I will be decidedly high. Professional Bull Riding isn’t usually my preferred PBR, but there’s enough to get into at the Stock Show for this stoner to bite. After all, its slogan is “Find Your Western Spirit.”

A stoney NYE in Colorado

If there was a bigger year than 2013 in the history of cannabis, people are getting too high now to remember it. The passage of Amendment 64 in November thrust Colorado into the national spotlight as one of the most progressive states in the union when it comes to smoking…

Granddaddy Purple (marijuana review, Strain Theory)

Initially, the Granddaddy gave me a nice uptick of energy that had me pondering a walk with our Sheltie on the relatively balmy 34 degree afternoon. It was a lofty goal. I could string together the concepts — like socks before shoes — but by the time I made it to the shoes, where had the socks gone? This continued for longer than I’d care to admit.