Jake Browne

Jake Browne

Jake Browne is a Denver-based comedian, writer and co-host of both the comedy game show Uncalled Four and the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast.

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ReCon (marijuana review)

As a precocious teen, you never imagine the night you’ll be trying on dad jeans in a Ross Dress for Less. And, sadly, being high was the worst part of the experience.

Snowcap (marijuana review)

Our ever-intrepid marijuana critic takes the Snowcap strain for a ride at an amusement park and sets himself up to get burned by the hybrid for the second time.

Jack Herer (marijuana review)

This legacy strain, named after a counterculture legend who wrote about cannabis prohibition, was a lifesaver the morning after a little too much tequila.

Primus OG (marijuana review)

Our reviewer does not get lucky on his first date with Primus OG; in fact, the date couldn’t end soon enough with the wild swing it inspired.

OG 18 (marijuana review)

OG 18 is touted as one of the most potent strains of cannabis in the world, but this marijuana might be a letdown for those expecting a strong Kush high.

Frankenberry (marijuana review)

At The Herbal Cure, Frankenberry is a house cross of Banana Kush and a sativa-leaning Blueberry pheno, resulting in a pungent, foxtailing masterpiece. But it isn’t “Frankenberry” in the traditional sense.

Strawberry Cough (marijuana review)

Anyone who has heard five minutes of hack comedy about being high has heard the old adage about not shopping whilst stoned. Speaking as someone who loathes every part of the consumer experience, from an abundance of mediocre products competing for attention to the malaise of strangers going through the…

Sage N Sour (marijuana review)

Sage N Sour is a sativa that comes with a strong feeling of hyper-focus that is a perfect choice if you’re getting serious about cleaning the house.

Glass Slipper (marijuana review)

The fragrant Glass Slipper is solid daytime or happy hour smoke for someone looking for a boost in mood. To call the aroma intoxicating doesn’t do it justice.

Banana Kush (marijuana review)

This cut of Banana Kush from a Colorado dispensary disappoints, as it’s flat-out poor on every level, from genetics to over-trimmed presentation and flavor.

U.K. Cheese (marijuana review)

While it’s not the most consistent strain on the market, the lushly green hybrid UK Cheese provides a racy mental edge tempered by a heavy body high.

Chocolope (marijuana review)

A sativa-dominant combination of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, Chocolope is just weird enough to exist, the kind of strain only a stoner could love.

G13 (marijuana review)

The subject of much lore and pop culture fascination (‘American Beauty,’ anyone?), this sample of G13 from a Denver-based caregiver has a Zen-like effect.

Sour Kush (marijuana review)

Ideally, Sour Kush is a hybrid that helps you remain incredibly functional while still having that narcotic, pain-numbing effect of a great OG. This wasn’t a bad cover or even karaoke attempt at the strain: it was Muzak.

Amnesia Haze (marijuana review)

The high from Amnesia Haze is focused, but occasionally your brain hits the pause button without letting you know. If I was a video, I’d be intermittently buffering. Instead of the citrus zest I’ll get from a favorite like Super Lemon Haze, it’s more of a candied peel or my memory of those gummy lemon slices we’d eat as kids.

Dawg’s Waltz (marijuana review)

The Dawg’s Waltz marijuana strain, named after a David Grisman song, initially provides focus and pain relief, followed by an energy-sucking crash. As I wasn’t expecting my furniture to grow invisible tendrils to tether me, Dawg’s Waltz would be much more suited to zoning out to a movie than being a productive adult.

Purple Dream (marijuana review)

As much as I’d like to project the effortless energy of Blue Dream onto its purple relative, it never pans out. Instead, Purple Dream is an intensely moody strain.

The White (marijuana review)

Review of marijuana strain The White: If The White is dinner, the beginning of your high is a flashy amuse bouche that elicits a few “oohs” and “ahhs.” When the second course drops, be ready for a more happy, sedating high.

Lemon Skunk (marijuana review)

A great choice for spring cleaning, Lemon Skunk is always perfect for providing a nudge in the right direction, that being directly below the kitchen sink. All of a sudden, I found myself dusting the ceiling fan.