Polly Washburn

Polly Washburn

Polly joined The Cannabist in December 2016 as a digital producer. She has been creating print, web and video content for a couple of decades. She returned to her home town of Denver in 2012 after living in eleven other cities in four countries, and not finding anything that could top living in the Rockies.

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Mexico debates marijuana legalization as traffickers shift to harder drugs

Amid talk of legalization, all signs suggest Mexico’s marijuana market is on the decline, with seizures of marijuana by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol falling for a decade.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Jared Polis head up bipartisan letter to Trump urging him to restore Cole Memo

A bicameral, bipartisan coalition of Congressional leaders Thursday asked President Trump to direct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reinstate the Cole Memo.

Chris Christie on cannabis: 10 memorable moments as New Jersey gov

Before we turn our eyes to Phil Murphy, let’s take a moment to remember Chris Christie’s hottest takes on marijuana over the years.

Oregon’s U.S. Attorney says he has “significant concerns” about state’s marijuana regs and enforcement

Billy J. Williams, United States Attorney for the District of Oregon, said he is concerned about the state’s marijuana regulatory structure and enforcement.

Americans strongly oppose enforcement of federal marijuana laws, few approve of Jeff Sessions: new Quinnipiac poll

Voters overwhelmingly oppose enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized medical or recreation marijuana, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released Thursday.

New Hampshire House votes to legalize recreational marijuana

The New Hampshire House approved a bill Tuesday that would legalize possession and sales of marijuana.

Pennsylvania police: “Unlawful” for patients to keep guns obtained before enrolling in MMJ program

A state police spokesman strongly suggested that patients also consider the consequences of holding on to any guns bought before enrolling in the medical marijuana program .

How were Americans looking for weed (or “marijuana” or “cannabis”) in 2017?

As more states legalize cannabis in medical and adult-use forms, how are people across the country searching for information about various means of consumption?

With the groundwork laid, Massachusetts cannabis industry likely to take off in 2018

Despite outward appearances, 2017 was a year of progress for Massachusetts marijuana policy, regulation, education and cultivation.

California considers “green banking” as it transitions to adult-use marijuana

California has a possible solution to the problem of banks being unwilling to handle money from the state’s multibillion-dollar legal marijuana industry, one that officials say would be the first system of its kind in the nation.

Colorado Springs declined to allow recreational marijuana sales. Now it’s having second thoughts

Some in Colorado Springs want to revisit recreational cannabis sales, saying the city is missing out on sales taxes that are enriching cities across Colorado.

Update: Weed-leaf Christmas tree removed from Walmart website

In a sign of the mainstreaming of marijuana, Walmart is selling an artificial weed-leaf Christmas tree on its website.

NY attorney general’s office investigating Buffalo police drug checkpoints

State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman’s office is investigating the Buffalo Police Department’s use of traffic checkpoints and enforcement sweeps inside public housing developments.

A “misguided crusade”: Canada’s bill to legalize cannabis faces opposition

The Canadian House of Commons held a spirited debate over the legalization of cannabis as the Liberal government presented a second reading of Bill C-45.

In the midst of Congressional grilling, Sessions takes heat on marijuana attitude

As Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified to the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday, he was asked to defend past statements about cannabis, including ‘Good people don’t smoke marijuana.’

New Jersey panel calls for expansion of medical marijuana conditions

The list of ailments that qualify a patient to use marijuana in New Jersey should cover more people, says a panel of doctors and health professionals that studied the issue for 19 months.

Five out of five cities in Florida county ban medical marijuana

Palmetto solidified a unanimous medical marijuana ban in all cities within Manatee County, becoming the fifth, and last, city to initiate a ban on dispensaries. Bradenton, Holmes Beach, Anna Maria, and Bradenton Beach had already passed similar bans.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage vetoes marijuana bill, saying federal future of legalization uncertain

Republican Gov. Paul LePage has vetoed a bill passed by the Maine legislature 11 days ago to regulate the retail sale of marijuana.

Sheriff behind invasive school drug search burst into interrogation room of son’s weed arrest

A Georgia sheriff accused of violating the civil rights of hundreds high school students in a massive school drug search is now accused of interfering with a Georgia Bureau of Investigation probe into his son’s recent drug arrest.

Talk show host Hugh Hewitt lobbies Jeff Sessions to pursue federal marijuana crackdown

Radio personality Hugh Hewitt lobbied U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for a federal crackdown on legal marijuana businesses during a Thursday morning interview.

New St. Louis bill would allow residents to use and grow marijuana, within limits

A St. Louis bill allowing the use and growth of marijuana aims to reduce disproportionate penalties for existing violations and free up time and resources for police.

Why Ohio growers may have to break the law to start medical marijuana crops

Ohio will be authorizing 24 companies to grow medical marijuana soon, but how can they legally import the seeds to begin sowing their crops?

Jeff Sessions calls for “more competition” among medical marijuana growers for research

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday morning, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called for “more competition” among growers who supply marijuana for federal research.

Florida health clinics not signing up to approve medical cannabis

While the number of Polk County doctors qualified to treat with marijuana is slowly rising, the county’s largest medical centers seem to be opting out.

Cannabis on the Cape: How Massachusetts water towns will welcome weed

Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts will be the first of the state’s nonprofit organizations to open a dispensary on Cape Cod, recently announcing plans to begin operation in a small, nondescript building on Echo Road in Mashpee in late December. It likely won’t remain the only one in the region for…

Without Congressional action, medical marijuana at risk from Sessions

State medical marijuana programs, existing and in progress, could be grounded if Congress fails to extend limits on federal prosecution.