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PHOTOS: Inside Colorado’s first cannabis “bar,” JAD’s Mile High Smoke in Denver

Colorado’s first cannabis bar where tokers can buy and smoke weed onsite recently opened in Denver. Here’s what to expect if you visit JAD’s Mile High Smoke.

Four towns just said no to marijuana sales, but how strong is rural Colorado’s distaste for weed?

Hooper was one of four rural Colorado towns — stretching across 430 miles from the Kansas border to the New Mexico line — to reject cannabis sales at the ballot box April 5.

The city of Denver would like to remind you it’s illegal to smoke pot at 420 fest

After a social media post promoting Denver’s signature Mile High 420 Fest sparked backlash among locals, the city of Denver took to its official accounts Tuesday to remind tokers that smoking weed in public is against the law.

Method Man announces new cannabis edibles, concentrates in time for 420 concert in Denver

Additionally, Method Man will be visit two Denver dispensaries this afternoon to celebrate 420 before his performance at Red Rocks.

Marijuana edible trends: Where to find rapid onset and CBG/CBN gummies in Colorado

The common colloquialism on the well known stoner holiday April 20 is to light one up. But if you’re not interested in smoking, the second most popular way to celebrate is eating some THC-infused edibles.

Colorado’s first cannabis “bar” with THC beer opens this week in Denver

The owner of JAD’s Mile High Smoke invites you to experience the “future of cannabis” — a public space where you can purchase and smoke/eat/drink weed with like-minded individuals.

10 new-ish cannabis terms every Colorado stoner should know, from adult-use to solvent-free

You’ve likely seen phrases like “full spectrum” or “solvent-free” on your cannabis products lately. And we’re here to help you understand what they mean.

Massachusetts Senate passes sweeping pot reform bill

The Massachusetts Senate passed a sweeping cannabis bill that aims to clarify some terms of a ballot initiative first passed by voters in 2016, while promoting equity in the industry.

Massachusetts post office manager seized cocaine to sell it himself, sentenced to prison

One package from Puerto Rico, which Herron had told a supervisor at the post office that he suspected had a “brick of cocaine” in it, according to a postal inspector affidavit, had 271 grams of cocaine in it which Herron sold to a drug dealer for $4,000.

Ticker: Pot taxes outpace booze in Massachusetts; Weber Grills apologizes for ill-timed meatloaf recipe

Excise taxes for marijuana sold for adult recreational use exceeded alcohol excise taxes for the first time in Massachusetts, reflecting growing marijuana sales that reached $2.54 billion, according to the Cannabis Control Commission.

Pot cafes could soon be coming to Massachusetts

“The intent of the initiative that was passed by voters was to allow these, dependent upon the vote of the people of a community,” said Jim Borghesani, spokesperson for the 2016 ballot question to bring recreational marijuana to Massachusetts, and a consultant for the cannabis industry.

Pot cook gets burned: Man seriously injured in Pittsfield hash explosion

While this is the first such explosion in Pittsfield, local fire Chief Thomas Sammons said he worries about them becoming more common since cannabis was legalized and more people may want to experiment with oil extraction through the means of dangerous flammable liquids and gasses.

Medical marijuana laws in Colorado will be more strict starting Jan. 1. Here’s how.

Colorado will impose stricter rules for the purchase of medical marijuana starting Jan. 1 following several months of deliberation over how to execute a new state law meant largely to limit young people’s access to and abuse of high-potency THC products.

Charlie Baker again pushes stoned driving bill with drugged driving causalities on the rise

Gov. Charlie Baker, frustrated by lawmakers’ inaction more than five years after the legalization of recreational pot, is making a second attempt to cut down on stoned driving.

Bills filed in state House, Senate would legalize medical marijuana insurance coverage

Medical marijuana, used to treat everything from chronic pain to Parkinson’s Disease to PTSD, is still not covered by medical insurance, a cost some say is prohibitively expensive to patients who rely on the drug.