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Marijuana arrests are way down — but Black Coloradans are still twice as likely to get busted for pot, new report says

Seven years after the first recreational pot shops opened for business in Colorado, youth aren’t smoking more weed, older adults are blazing more and marijuana-related arrests are way down — but Black Coloradans are still much more likely to get in trouble for cannabis offenses, according to a state report released Monday.

What’s life like after life for weed? Six months after clemency, Corvain Cooper fights for place in legal industry

Corvain Cooper is working to help free others who are still behind bars for marijuana convictions. And he’s fighting to find a place in the licensed cannabis sector for himself and others like him, who helped pave the way for a multibillion dollar industry that became legal in California and a dozen other states while he was serving time.

The Libertarian Party, born in Colorado 50 years ago, still seeks elusive mainstream acceptance

Libertarianism took root a half-century ago in a Westminster living room, and the third-largest political party in the U.S. is still looking for a foothold in the mainstream.

21 indicted in Colorado in connection with international black market marijuana and money laundering scheme

Federal and local law enforcement on Thursday announced the takedown of a black market marijuana and money laundering scheme in Colorado — an operation comprising 21 individuals growing millions of dollars worth of illicit pot across metro Denver and funneling their profits back to China through social media apps.

Marijuana regulation bill overwhelmingly passes in Colorado House

The state’s most substantial marijuana-regulation policy since legalization cleared the Colorado House on Thursday. It would restrict teens’ access to high-THC products and tighten rules for medical marijuana.

Vicente: This 4/20 celebrate that marijuana businesses and their employees are now “essential”

For decades, April 20 has been recognized as an unofficial marijuana holiday in Colorado and around the country. While this year’s “4/20” may not be marked by large public rallies or concerts due to enduring COVID-19 safety restrictions, there are plenty of reasons for the cannabis community to celebrate – including recent legalization announcements in New Mexico, New York, and Virginia – and for cannabis industry workers to be recognized.

U.S. House again passes Colorado congressman’s marijuana banking bill

The SAFE Banking Act has been introduced every Congress since 2013 by Rep. Ed Perlmutter. On Monday, the House passed the bill that would allow credit unions and banks to work with cannabis companies, but the Senate will be the true test.

Pot regulators launching online catalog of marijuana products

The Cannabis Control Commission is launching an online catalog of the myriad marijuana products available at the state’s pot shops and dispensaries to help cops, parents and regulators alike tell the difference between what’s legal, and what’s not.

Colorado may see its biggest overhaul of marijuana laws since recreational legalization

Lawmakers are working on what could be the biggest marijuana legislation in Colorado since recreational cannabis was legalized in 2012, with the possibility of a THC potency cap, a requirement that people seek medical cards in person only and strategies to more strictly enforce purchasing limits.