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178 fake IDs taken since January 2017 from Breckenridge marijuana shops

There have been 178 fake ID cases originating from Breckenridge marijuana shops since Jan. 2017, according to the town’s municipal court. The numbers vary widely month-to-month.

Denver wants to raise retail marijuana taxes to boost affordable housing fund

Denver marijuana buyers would help pay for an expansion of Denver’s 10-year, $150 million affordable housing fund under a plan that includes city borrowing to amp up apartment production.

Amendment to allow Colorado schools to administer medical marijuana passes House, heads to Senate

The Colorado House overwhelmingly passed an amendment that would allow school officials to administer medical marijuana to students.

$1.2 million in marijuana tax money to help repave Denver streets

In 2018, the Mile High City will spend $27 million dollars to repave arterial and collector streets. A chunk of that cash, $1.2 million, is marijuana money.

Colorado starts “Cannabis Conversation” to drive honest dialogue about marijuana use behind the wheel

State transportation officials are surveying thousands of residents this year to better understand public attitudes toward driving under the influence of marijuana, with the hopes of blunting the increasingly deadly trend.

Hemp operation opens in historic florist greenhouse

An agricultural biotechnology company has launched a hemp grow operation in a newly renovated greenhouse space on the grounds of the historic Lafayette Florist.

Dispensary promos remain illegal in Boulder, but rule could be reviewed later

The Boulder City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a series of rule changes for the local cannabis industry, and planned to reevaluate some key matters later this year.

The DEA wants an illegal grow house registry. Colorado realtors think that’s a bad idea.

The illegal grow operations have transitioned from warehouses to residential homes, and are hiding in plain sight. DEA Special Agent Randy Ladd said the damage to the homes used in these illegal operations is extensive.

Third-grader leading Colorado measure to allow schools to administer medical marijuana

Nine-year-old Quintin Lovato’s family found relief in a cannabis oil called Haleigh’s Hope. If Quintin takes it three times a day, as his doctor has prescribed, then his physical and vocal tics are vastly improved and his grand mal seizures largely disappear.

Major marijuana smuggling ring in Colorado: 8 arrests, 3,000 plants and 450 pounds seized

Police estimate the plants are worth about $5 million while the marijuana is valued at $736,000 — but a pound of marijuana could sell for a price four times higher on the East Coast black market, law enforcement said.

Marijuana mogul’s home in Snowmass exempt from judge’s asset freeze

A federal judge in Denver has ruled that more than $3 million in assets held by Colorado marijuana mogul Jeffrey Friedland be temporarily frozen, but not a Snowmass Village home that the Securities & Exchange Commission alleges he concealed through a limited liability company. Chief U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger’s…

California to Weedmaps: stop promoting illegal marijuana businesses or face criminal, civil penalties

California sent Weedmaps a cease and desist letter, ordering the company to immediately stop promoting businesses that don’t have state licenses.

After the success of cannabis legalization in Denver, could mushrooms be next?

Colorado blazed trails when it legalized pot and now Denver could lead the way decriminalizing magic mushrooms. The group Denver for Psilocybin may soon…

Cannabis company eyes massive expansion, adding 50 Colorado locations within the next 3 years

The founder expects to have 50 locations across Colorado within the next three years, including possible locations in Aspen, Vail and Steamboat Springs.

3 plead guilty in botched marijuana robbery that led to Denver man’s murder

Two men and a woman have pleaded guilty for their roles in a botched marijuana heist in Denver in which one man was killed and another was shot in November of 2016, authorities say.

2 arrested after large illegal marijuana grow found at Colorado Springs home

Two people were arrested after authorities discovered 352 marijuana plants, 1,300 cloned plants and 33 pounds of marijuana in a Colorado Springs home.

Aspen marijuana sales just topped annual liquor sales for the first time

Legal-pot purveyors hauled in $11.3 million in revenue last year compared with $10.5 million for liquor stores, marking the first time marijuana sales outpaced booze for the year in Aspen.

New recreational marijuana dispensary to open in Tabernash, Colorado

A new marijuana dispensary is set to open in Tabernash in the coming months, offering recreational cannabis and a laid-back, easygoing atmosphere.

600 Colorado college students to get funds in year three of unique cannabis tax scholarship

Nearly $750,000 in funding will go to graduating Pueblo seniors attending a local college or university through a cannabis-tax funded scholarship.

Studies suggest more pregnant women using marijuana, but doctors say they should abstain

The number of women in the United States who use marijuana during pregnancy has been difficult to gauge, partly because some women are reluctant to tell their doctors. Still, a number of studies nationally suggest there’s been a sharp jump in pot use among pregnant women.

What Trump said about marijuana enforcement while campaigning in Colorado

The Colorado Spring’s Gazette’s editorial board has released audio from July 2016, with Donald Trump repeatedly pledging to respect states’ marijuana laws.

Colo. gov says he doesn’t see country, Trump admin benefiting from rolling back marijuana policy

Gov. John Hickenlooper told CNN Saturday he didn’t see how the Department of Justice’s move to change marijuana policy would help the Trump administration.

Sweet Leaf employee Christmas bonuses disappear from bank accounts after police raid

Out of work employees at Sweet Leaf marijuana centers say they’re having a tough time finding other jobs because of a recent raid by Denver Police.