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Cross-pollination between marijuana and hemp is a budding conflict at outdoor grows

Outdoor marijuana growers are reporting an increase in cross-pollination from hemp farms, a development that could mean marijuana cultivators might lose upwards of tens of thousands of dollars if their plants become unmarketable as flower products.

Maine lawmakers send marijuana sales bill to Gov. LePage. He’s vowed to veto it.

Recent votes in the House and Senate suggest lawmakers may have the two-thirds support needed in each chamber to override the veto threat.

Medical marijuana push spreads to Utah, Oklahoma

The push for legalized marijuana has moved into Utah and Oklahoma, two of the most conservative states in the country, further underscoring how quickly feelings about marijuana are changing in the United States.

Pennsylvania medical marijuana program to allow sale of flower, expand list of qualifying conditions

Patients registered in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program will soon be able to consume it in dry leaf or flower form, and more medical conditions will qualify for treatment by the drug.

MedMen opens state-of-the-art marijuana cultivation facility outside Reno

The opening of the $15 million MedMen facility east of the Reno-Sparks area marks a goal of the company to change the conversation surrounding marijuana.

Louisiana House backs expansion of medical marijuana program

Louisiana lawmakers are moving to expand the state’s medical marijuana program, as the product nears availability within months.

In order to keep 5 marijuana licenses, Colorado town trustee resigns 2 days after winning election

A Grand Junction area trustee has announced that he is resigning less than 48 hours after winning the election. Jesse Loughman says he is giving up the Palisade office so he can keep his five marijuana licenses.

Sheriff asks for help finding synthetic cannabinoids dealers after string of deaths

An Illinois sheriff is asking the public for more help combating a deadly outbreak of severe bleeding due to synthetic marijuana.

Cynthia Nixon is making marijuana legalization a pillar of her campaign for New York governor

“There are a lot of good reasons for legalizing marijuana, but for me, it comes down to this: we have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity,” she said.

Mormon church opposes medical marijuana initiative in Utah

The Mormon church came out against a medical marijuana ballot initiative in Utah on Tuesday as opposition mounts against the proposal that would allow people with certain medical conditions access to pot.

Marijuana regulators send cease order to 954 businesses in California

Nearly 1,000 individual cannabis businesses have been sent cease-and-desist letters or emails by California regulators during an ongoing enforcement process, a first step in a long effort to ensure the state’s industry is fully regulated and operating like those in more mature markets.

Oregon county considers marijuana tax on November ballot

Clatsop County voters might have the option in November to institute a tax on retail marijuana sales. Staff estimates the tax, applied to three dispensaries outside city limits, would generate $50,000 in revenue annually.

Pennsylvania medical marijuana program may allow sale of flower, expand list of qualifying conditions

Currently, the law allows the sale of medical marijuana in oils, pills, gels and liquids, but prevents dispensaries from selling marijuana that is designed to be smoked.

Maryland lawmakers OK bill to boost diversity in state’s medical marijuana industry

The measure takes steps to help minority-owned companies receive those licenses, based on a study earlier this year that concluded minorities have faced obstacles to entering similar industries in the past.

A man who robbed a black market marijuana dealer was sentenced to 6 years in prison. The dealer has not been charged.

A 22-year-old man who robbed a southwestern Oregon marijuana dealer has been sentenced to more than six years in prison.

Missouri committee rejects medical marijuana bill

A Missouri House committee has rejected a bill meant to give terminally ill patients access to medical marijuana. Republican Rep. Jim Neely’s bill failed to make it out of the Legislative Oversight Committee on Wednesday.