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Bills on child endangerment regarding legal pot fail in Colorado Senate

A Colorado effort to update child-endangerment drug statutes to account for legal marijuana failed Tuesday night. The Senate approved, but then rejected two bills that sought to protect parents who use or grow marijuana from child-endangerment prohibitions on having pot in a home where a child resides.

Light penalty in Alaska pot case “deal of a lifetime”

A prosecutor said he was giving a 60-year-old Juneau woman the “deal of a lifetime” when she was sentenced for a misdemeanor instead of a felony after officials found 55 marijuana plants in her home. Instead of serving up to five years in jail, she received a year of probation.

Marijuana study in veterans wins federal backing

The federal government has signed off on a long-delayed study looking at marijuana as a treatment for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, a development that drug researchers are hailing as a major shift in U.S. policy.

Nevada lawyers seek protection of their own for medical pot cases

The Nevada Supreme Court is being asked to set rules to protect lawyers who advise clients on medical marijuana issues. Nevada’s Bar Association president asked the state high court to shield attorneys from losing their law licenses for representing medical marijuana dispensary owners.

New Mexico legalization plan in limbo

A proposal to allow New Mexico voters to decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana has been stalled — for now. The Senate Rules Committee failed Friday to debate the proposed constitutional amendment that would allow for the possession and personal use of marijuana for those 21 years of age and older.

Bag of weed in your luggage? How airport security handles carry-on pot

Among the many oddities that have arisen from marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado is this: It can be easier to get through airport security with a bag of weed than a bottle of water.

Hickenlooper welcomes word of pot banking changes

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is responding with relief to word from federal officials that marijuana businesses will be allowed to access banking services. Currently, processing money from marijuana sales puts federally insured banks at risk of drug racketeering charges.