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Smoker Supply Kit: Tap into the power of hygge for the chillest of nights

2017 is already officially the year of Greenery — and apparently also hygge, a trend that has gained serious traction stateside this winter.

Pronounced “HOO-guh,” hygge is the Danish concept of achieving nirvana levels of coziness — and that’s something that’s definitely worth exploring in these dark, cold nights, no?

Likely unknowingly (unless you live in Denmark), notoriously chill stoners and proud members of the Stay Home Club have long practiced the art of hygge. After all, the ritual of smoking cannabis itself is the original hygge and its euphoric, body-relieving and mind-expanding effects are the epitome of hygge. The only way to make hygge even more relaxing? Getting high.

Here’s a roundup of some marijuana-minded products to help you embrace the lifestyle that’s suddenly spreading across the world.

(Note: All images provided by brands unless otherwise noted.)

An example of Ingrid, grown in Colorado. (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

1. Ingrid, $15/gram

A heavy Hygge sesh calls for a heavy indica, and there’s no better choice than what our pot critic Sohum Shah calls “the Sleepytime tea of weed,” which knocks him out “faster than a heavy chunk of Ambien.”
Shop/visit:, 330 E. Colfax Ave. in Denver


2. Polerstuff Shaggy Napsack, $173

The folks at Polerstuff say it best: “For those of you seeking a cozy feeling so next level, a level that goes beyond a puppy eating warm apple pie on a pillow in a cloud by a hearth, we offer our latest creation.” The new faux fur-lined version of the original wearable sleeping bag is so snuggly, we’re proclaiming it the official hygge uniform.


3. Stance Socks in Buffalo Weed, $14

And this classic crew style is the perfect pair of socks to go with the above napsack.


4. Mister Green Hippie Shit Candle $68

Disclosure: I recently got the Hippie Shit eau de parfum from Stoner Santa, and it has already become my signature scent forever. As of this month, it now comes in candle form to help set the mood for major relaxation.


5. Jane’s Brew Gourmet Hot Chocolate & Chamomile Tea (20 mg THC), $5.95 per packet

Because Swiss Miss and Celestial Seasonings just don’t do the trick for hygge-ing high. Sadly for Coloradans, House of Jane products are currently available just in Arizona, California and Nevada so far, with a launch in Washington slated for February.


6. Pipe Mug, $49.99

Is putting the aforementioned winter warmers in one of these too much?


7. Himalayan Salt Lamp, $24

Equally trending, and whose natural healing benefits are much disputed, we do believe. Just make sure you don’t buy it from Michaels.
Shop: Amazon


8. Palo Santo Incense by Fredericks and Mae, $15

Out with the old incense sticks and in with palo santo, which means “holy wood” in Spanish. Sourced from Ecuador, its aromatic wood is known for its purification and healing purposes, clearing bad energy and attracting the good.


9. Brave New Weed, $21

Now that the vibe is going and Ingrid is kicking in, dive into our cannabiz read of the moment from the former Details magazine editor-in-chief Joe Dolce, who travels the globe to “tear down the cannabis closet” and de-mystify the new frontier.


10. Copper Head Massager, $12

Why does this feel so damn good? (Even when you’re so high you just use it on yourself?)


11. Dixie Elixirs Bath Soak, $20

Infused with CO2-extracted THC to relieve muscle soreness and tension, this sea salt-based soak blows Calgon out of the water with its euphoric, psychoactive effect (found to oddly occur in just women, according to Dixie Elixirs).


12. Apothecanna Sexy Time, $52

Sometimes getting this cozy (and always after a bath à deux) gets one hot and bothered. Of the sudden rush of cannabis-infused personal intimacy oils out there now, a standout is Apothecanna’s plant-based potion.

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