Marijuana gifts for him: From a sneaky one-hitter golf tee to a soothing infused balm. (Cannabist photo illustration)

Cannabis goods every stoney guy needs in his toolkit

Whether the ganja guy in your life is an old-time stoner or someone newer to the smoking scene, it’s high time to take his toolkit to the next level. We’ve rounded up essential items to gift all of the pops out there who partake.

Please note that these cannabis products are listed alphabetically by brand, not ranked; prices may vary dependent upon dispensary; and shipping restrictions might be based on legality, so check all websites for details.

Dr Dabber hash oil rig
(Provided by Dr. Dabber)

Dr. Dabber Boost eRig, $199.95

For the dads who dab, the standard blowtorch situation is obviously not something you need around the house — locked up or not. Upgrade his rig with the Dr. Dabber Boost — the most civilized setup we’ve seen yet. The USB battery-powered device uses a glass water-filtration system (that doesn’t leak even when it’s stashed away) for the smoothest of hits from its titanium domeless nail in just 30 seconds from powering it on. The system is magnetic, also including a ceramic nail, quartz nail, carb cap and loading tool with two medical-grade silicon storage containers for different concentrates. Oh, and it’s all easy to store (a.k.a. hide) in an airtight, padded box.

Vape pen: Myster Fogpen
(Provided by Myster)

Myster Fogpen, $80

Put this in your pocket and smoke it (yeah, yeah, it’s not technically smoke). This sleek vape pen looks just like a pen, but instead of writing, it vaporizes dry herb, wax and e-liquids — all of which can be pre-loaded and discreetly interchanged on the go. Myster says it best: “Being an enthusiast is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is also nobody’s business.”

(Provided by Plume/Penguin Publishing)

“How to Smoke Pot (Properly),” $15

In the legal-weed era, there has been a renaissance for following the rules to smoke pot politely. Veteran High Times editor and Vice journalist David Bienenstock shares advice from the basics of blazing to how to best utilize and appreciate a plant that he argues is “a far safer alternative to both alcohol and many pharmaceutical drugs” in this “Highbrow Guide to Getting High.”

Mary's Medicinals product: MuscleFreeze
(Provided by Mary’s Medicinals)

Mary’s Medicinals Elite CBD Muscle Freeze, $40

Super athletes and sufferers of chronic pain will love you for giving this comforting balm. The latest topical product from Mary’s Medicinals combines cannabinoids (the potent chemical compounds within cannabis) and natural plant extracts for a soothing, cooling effect.

(Erica Boniface, The Cannabist)

The Nuggy, $33

The Swiss Army Knife for smokers, this is the tool he’ll take everywhere. Each of the ten stainless-steel instruments (roach clip, scissors, poker, et al) stay in place during use with a spring-locked system stored within a hard plastic case that fits in the palm of your hand. The battery-powered light is a bonus for easy pipe-tending in the dark.

Puffingtons product: one-hitter golf tee and golfball container
(Provided by Puffingtons)

Puffingtons Pitch-n-Puff Combo Pack, $15

#FORE20! Puffingtons Golf is leading the charge in the “cannagolf” space, and its combo pack that holds a golf tee-shaped one-hitter and golf ball stash container is the only thing he’ll need to light up on the links. Just don’t get too high and tee up the wrong ball.

Dean Roper basketball bong and Cheetos one-hitter
(Provided by

Slam Dunk Water Pipe, $150 & Cheeto Pipe, $15

Dean Roper, the Kansas City-based ceramic artist behind @superchillandcool420 is one of our favorite follows of the year. His creative oeuvre began with non-functional bongs as art objects, but now you can smoke out of his quirky, hand-painted pieces like this 13-inch double basketball creation OR a one-hitter in the shape and size of a real life Cheeto (available in Regular or Flamin’ Hot).

Stashlogix GoStash container
(Provided by Stashlogix)

Stashlogix GoStash, $40

Founded by a family man in Boulder, Colorado, Stashlogix was developed to keep your smoking supplies private, secure and safe. The case has a combination lock and features padded dividers with a plastic jar, labeling marker, pad for strain notes and an odor-absorbing pack. We like the smallest size to take on adventures or as an everyday carry with a glass jar instead (also available on their site).

Zang Products pipemug
(Provided by

Pipemug, $49.99

His morning routine will become better than ever thanks to “The Original Pipemug” makers. A hollow handle keeps sipping your coffee or tea separate from the smoke, and it’s dishwasher safe. #wakebakeandcaffeinate

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