Gift ideas for the ballers: A tony taco purse, a luxe leaf sweater and stoney slippers. (Photo illustration, The Cannabist)

Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 4): High Rollers

The Cannabist has already armed holiday shoppers with our picks under $100, pot-proud presents for the marijuana enthusiast in your life and some ways to make it a hempy holiday.

But in this latest installment, we’re having a little fun with a few outrageous options to basically just ball out of control in style this season. It’s no secret that the marijuana industry is booming with entrepreneurs raking in incomprehensible amounts of cash from the “green rush” — so here you go, you high roller, you.

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Happy high holidays!

The Cannabist's Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): High Rollers
(Provided by Alison Lou)

Alison Lou Match Ring, $550
Jewelry designer Alison Chemla got her start doing Emojis right – in gold and diamonds. She’s expanded into other playful objects like this 14-karat yellow gold match stack ring with a red enamel tip. If only it actually worked…

The Cannabist's Gift Guide for 2014: High roller weed gifts
(Provided by Stubbs and Wootton)

Stubbs & Wootton “Hippie” Slippers, $495
The footwear of choice among Palm Beach blue-hairs in years past, Stubbs & Wootton has even gone ganja. This pair takes the term “smoking slippers” totally to heart.

So Mile High Signature Tour, $38,000*
Pot tourism is definitely “a thing” now with companies like So Mile High offering customized itineraries for all types of curious visitors. But for the most discriminating travelers? Their Signature Tour features “a three day, top shelf marijuana experience” with accommodations at The Ritz-Carlton, Denver or Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, behind-the-scenes tours of a dispensary and grow house, a private edibles tasting from Dixie Elixirs, spa treatments and meals at Denver’s best restaurants.

The Cannabist's Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): High Rollers
(Provided by Charlotte Olympia)

Oh, and your very own private jet is also included.
*priced per couple

Charlotte Olympia Taquera Clutch, $1,295
Two words: taco purse.


The Cannabist's Gift Guide for 2014: High roller weed gifts
(Provided by Retrosuperfuture)

Retrosuperfuture Classic Zoot Gold, $260
Hide your blazed eyes behind the lenses of the Italian shade line that’s a favorite among stars. Rihanna sports this style with a classic engraved pot leaf on its arms. Or opt for the sexy cat-eye shape of the Drew Mama Sugar Daddy ($248) with a more subtle nod to the motif.


The Cannabist's Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): High Rollers
(Provided by Jacquie Aiche)

Jacquie Aiche 5 Sweet Leaf Finger Bracelet, $3,315
I fell in love with the L.A.-based jewelry designer — along with her eponymous line, of course — when I profiled her earlier this year. This hand piece is stunning and is just one of many statement makers in her Sweet Leaf collection.


The Cannabist's Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): High Rollers
(Provided by Lucien Pellat-Finet)

Lucien Pellat-Finet Multicolor Leaf Sweater, $2,500
Peace, skulls and pot. It’s what the French fashion house is all about with its superluxe line of cashmere scarves, sweaters and accessories. They also do fine jewelry, like a steel-and-leather leaf stamped watch ($666), and belts with gold, black or pewter buckles ($400). The line is harder to find, but in Colorado, it’s available at Distractions in Aspen.

The Cannabist's Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): High Rollers
(Provided by Mighty Tanaka Gallery)

Glass Pipe Canvas featuring L’Amour Supreme, $1,000
Mighty Tanaka Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y. partnered with glass artist Zach Puchowitz in 2013 to help elevate the genre as a recognized emerging movement with its Glass Pipe Canvas series. The latest collaboration for its limited-edition glass pieces is with hyper-pop graphic artist L’Amour Supreme, who rocked the visual animation for Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour and regularly lends his talents to brands like Nike, Mishka, Fools Gold and Converse.

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