Hemp, in its many forms: A parka from HoodLab, poster from Colorado Hemp Company and healing salve from 76 Legs. (Photo illustration, The Cannabist)

The Cannabist’s Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): Make it a hempy holiday

Hemp just make sense at the holidays.

Consider that:

• The spiritual boost of Ramadan mirrors the heightened wellness associated with using many hemp products.

• “Ujamaa,” the Kwanzaa principle of cooperative economics, mirrors the sense of social and economic responsibility that drives many hemp entrepreneurs.

• The strength and renewal embodied by the Hanukkah candles mirrors hemp’s nutritional potency.

• And the joy and love that characterize the best of Christmas traditions mirrors the way hemp has been pegged as a crop that can breathe an economic renaissance into struggling communities that have lost other viable industries.

People who prefer to abstain from winter holiday folderol altogether can take heart that when shopping hemp products, they are likely supporting a small, independent business, not to mention honoring the plant’s historic significance to humanity’s commercial and industrial development.

So here are five gift ideas to help you give hemp for the holidays (prices do not include shipping).

The Cannabist Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): Make it a hempy holiday
(Provided by Hemp+Honey Plus)

For the Shower Escapist
Hemp & Honey Plus Lavender and Tee Tree Soap, $8

This product is touted by its makers as being crafted from some of the best possible ingredients for your skin, including hemp seed oil and Manuka honey. In addition to cleansing, it promises to sooth scratches, scrapes and bites. But thanks to calming lavender extract and a thick, bubbling lather, the real appeal is that this soap is like a mini-vacation in a box.
Shop: hempandhoneyplus.com

(Provided by Colorado Hemp Company)
(Provided by Colorado Hemp Company)

For the Hemp Historian
“Founding Fathers” poster, $10

This 12×18-inch print is produced on sustainable, acid-free, archival-quality paper that is 25 percent hemp and 75 percent post-consumer recycled material. It honors three early-American leaders who endorsed or actively participated in the country’s hemp industry.
Shop: coloradohempcompany.com

The Cannabist Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): Make it a hempy holiday
(Provided by 76 Legs)

For the Animal Lover
76 Legs Mend-It Healing Salve (for animals and humans), $13

This emollient treatment for inflamed skin, wounds, infections, dry noses on pets and healing tattoos on their people, is from a vegan company that has a penchant for quoting Mahatma Ghandi on its website. The ointment is rich in hemp and coconut oil along with vitamin E and shea butter.
Shop: 76legs.com

The Cannabist Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): Make it a hempy holiday
(Provided by The Fay Farm)

For the Earth Momma
CBD Healing Hemp Lotion, $50

The Fay Farm is already an endearing brand thanks to its nourishing, high-quality collection of bath and body products, and its family-friendly, environmentally-conscious company identity. Now these hemp-trepreneurs hailing from Washington state have launched a line of CBD products in which hemp’s active ingredients, cannabidiol and endocannabinoids, are maximized to purportedly promote systemic health, lift mood and even enhance appetite.
Shop: thefayfarm.com

The Cannabist Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): Make it a hempy holiday
(Provided by HoodLab)

For the Stylin’ Shredder
HoodLamb 2014 Men’s Parka, $548

Colorado’s HoodLab is changing minds for the better about what hemp clothing can be. Now, the company has expanded its line to include this crush-worthy parka made by the similarly-named Hoodlamb. Designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions, this lightweight coat includes a herringbone shell that is 55 percent hemp, 45 percent organic cotton. The lining and weather-resistant coating also are made from hemp-based, eco-friendly products. (Women’s Hoodlamb parkas also are available.)
Shop: shop.hoodlabstore.com

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