Presenting: The Cannabist's Smoker Supply Kit for a night on the town. Pictured: A woman looks at her phone as she takes part in a silent disco at the railway station Gare du Nord, turned into a giant nightclub during the 14th edition of the Paris cultural event Nuit Blanche, or Sleepless Night, on Oct. 4, 2015. (Kamil Zihnioglu, AP)

Smoker Supply Kit: The necessary, stylish marijuana accessories for a high night out

Ah, the kit.

It’s a different variation for every smoker — some are simply just a joint and a lighter, others are overflowing with accessories. However dialed-in you keep your supplies, it’s always a buzz kill when you’re scrambling for something. So here at The Cannabist, our Smoker Supply Kit is here to prepare you for any occasion.

Chic cannabis accessories are finally becoming a reality, and for a night out on the town with your love or your crew, your ganja should look just as hot as you do. This #SmokerSupplyKit (show us yours!) leans toward the ladies, but dudes, you can class it up too. Pro tip: A vintage Dunhill lighter scores serious points.

Editor’s note: Be mindful of local laws when you’re out and about.

Writer’s note: I wanted to include Visine of course, but Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. “declined the opportunity to provide an image.” FYI, the average Cannabist reader is one of your major target markets!

(Graphic by Craig Turpin, Space Queen shot by Jake Browne, images provided by brands)
(Graphic by Craig Turpin, Space Queen shot by Jake Browne, images provided by brands)

1. “Let’s Get High” pouch, $18
This pouch from Flight 001 — the go-to travel boutique for jet-setters — says it all. At 7.875 x 6 inches, the canvas carrying case will fit in most any bag and is sure to start a conversation at the start of your sesh.

2. Shine Papers, $55 (12-sheet pack)
Because your joints should be just as glam. The world’s (so-called) first-ever 24 karat rolling paper is also slow burning and leaves shimmery ashes.

3. Vintage Dunhill Rollagas Lighter, $250
Inhale Mercantile, the newly opened “upscale headshop,” curates a rotating selection of luxury smoking accessories like this one-of-a-kind, silver-studded piece. Originally designed by Alfred Dunhill in 1924, the legendary one-handed lighter lives on to this day. Inhale Mercantile is Denver-based and online-focused, so showroom hours are by appointment only.

4. “Live Joyously” Roll-on, $20
The tiny rollerball fits anywhere to easily cover up any smoke scent that arise. Just a light spritz of the delicate patchouli perfume, infused with sparkling tangerine and pink peony blossoms, will bring even more joy to the night.

5. Space Queen, $12/gram
Romulan crossed with Cinderella 99 makes this fruity sativa more playful than most. Side effects from the heady high: laugh attacks, perma-smile, chattiness, random energy spurts.
Shop: Caregivers for Life (310 Saint Paul St., Denver, 720.536.5462)

6. MAC Viva Glam Miley II, $17 (lipstick); $15 (lipgloss)
The makeup authority says “Miley Cyrus is BACK with a BAM!” thanks to a new shade of the classic Viva Glam lipstick and MAC signature Lipgloss. Pair the super-bright orange hues together to shine all night long — just try and keep your tongue in your mouth.

7. Foria, $50 (10ml bottle), $100 (30ml bottle)
You’ve likely heard about it but have yet to try it, right? Tonight’s the night to get lucky and feel frisky. This already-infamous lubricant for the lady bits is an all-natural, vegan cannabis oil blended with liquid coconut oil. Bonus: It is safe to ingest and pesticide-, gluten- and sugar-free. Bummer: It is not recommended for use with latex condoms.

8. PAX 2, $279.99
The voguest of vapes has achieved must-have status among celebrities and stylish stoners. But popularity aside, the design is just that good. Slightly smaller than the original, it’s simple, sexy and subtle even, with an anodized aluminum body. Plus they just launched interchangeable mouthpieces ($12.99) to give your PAX 2 a pop of color.

9. Canyon Cultivation’s “The Spray”, $20 (recreational); $40 (medical)
Fresh breath gets an even better boost when it’s THC-infused. The oral spray works quick and is potent — one dose from the 4ml bottle equals 1.67mg of THC. Canyon Cultivation is known for its all-natural line of edibles, so even the cane alcohol and wintergreen flavor is organic in this product.