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Cannabist Show: She makes edibles; He reviews marijuana

Here’s what’s happening on The Cannabist Show, episode No. 4:

Top cannabis news — An intriguing development coming out of Colorado recently is state representative Jonathan Singer’s admission that he envisions cannabis clubs coming to Colorado neighborhoods: “Eventually we will see cannabis clubs similar to bars.” And this is big news because right now all the tourists coming to Colorado hardly have a place where they can smoke or vape or eat the marijuana they’re legally purchasing. It’s something locals are passionate about too, and they argue that people who want to go out for a drink have plenty of options in spaces that are specifically licensed for serving alcohol. These cannabis clubs wouldn’t likely serve you marijuana — that’s what the pot shops are for — but they would act as a space where you can bring your own, hang with friends and meet some new people.

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Rep. Singer said something else that got our attention: “We need to treat marijuana like the drug it is, but not the drug that some people fear it to be.” Yes, that’s coming from a government official.

In other news, a Florida man found himself in a bit of a pickle earlier this week. 27-year-old Jesse Roepcke found himself facing a number of charges after police arrested him for allegedly pointing a laser into the eyes of oncoming drivers. Police also found drug paraphernalia on Roepcke, so he was already in jail by the time more charges were added. As he was going through the intake procedures, which include a strip search, an employee of the jail asked him to cough — and that’s when a bag containing a significant amount of a “leafy green substance” presented itself from his rectum. Eww.

Our featured guests
• Perhaps you’ve seen him on any number of television news reports or in his New York Times profile, or maybe you used to buy weed from him back in the day? (From a dispensary, people.) Hey, he’s also one of our pot critics at The Cannabist — Jake Browne!

• She works at one of the largest marijuana-infused edibles companies in Colorado and, if they have their say, soon the United States. She is the director of marketing at Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, which is known in Colorado for its infused edibles and topicals, as well as its namesake drinks being sold medically and recreationally — Lindsay Topping!

Take the Pot Quiz — Let’s talk about medical marijuana progress in South America — and the opposite of that in a U.S. state that is reconfiguring its busted MMJ system. Let’s talk about places plain (Kansas) and exotic (the subcontinent) and their ever-changing relationships with cannabis.