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Police: Man accused of pointing laser at drivers had 18g of pot in his rectum

The beyond-strange stories that often come out of Florida are enough to fuel one of the most compellingly odd accounts on Twitter. And now comes this crazy news:

A 27-year-old Volusia County man who is accused of shining a laser into the eyes of other drivers and possession of narcotic paraphernalia got a couple more charges levied against him during his strip search in jail when a bag including 18 grams of marijuana produced itself after an employee of the jail told the man to cough, according to reports.

Jesse Roepcke (Volusia County Jail)
Jesse Roepcke (Volusia County Jail)

This is the strange tale of Jesse Roepcke, who now faces charges including pointing a laser at a driver, possession of narcotic paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and smuggling contraband into a prison.

Here’s how Orlando’s Fox affiliate reported the news:

“A Volusia County man, accused of shining a laser pointer at drivers in Ormond Beach, received added drug possession charges when it was revealed he was concealing a bag of marijuana in his rectum, authorities say.” The local Fox report added that Roepcke “had been hiding about 18 grams of marijuana in a bag, which produced itself when a jail employee told him to cough.”

And here’s the Orlando CBS affiliate’s take:

“According to Ormond Beach police, officers received a call from a woman who said someone shined a laser in her face while she was driving. Police said the man, later identified as Roepcke, also shone the light at other drivers as his girlfriend drove him around the city.”

According to UPI, “The suspect was taken to the Volusia County Jail, where officers conducting a strip search said a bag of a leafy green substance fell out of his rectum. The contents of the bag smelled like marijuana, police said.”