Cannabist marijuana critic Jake Browne (Courtesy of Zachary Armstrong)

Meet our pot critic Jake Browne, via a profile in The New York Times no less

I remember the day I hired Jake Browne as The Cannabist’s first-ever pot critic. We met for coffee at a downtown coffeehouse, and we talked weed and business and comedy and even AP style.

It was clear from the start: Jake was the guy. And he still is the guy, as readers of The New York Times will soon find out. The Times’ profile on Browne — err, Mr. Browne — “The Life of a Pot Critic: Clean, With Citrus Notes,” will run in print on Sunday — but it’s online now.

“Mr. Browne also has a biological gift of sorts: He is a supertaster,” the article reads. “That is, somebody who possesses more taste buds than the average person (at least according to an online survey he took).”

“In total so far, Mr. Browne has written 27 reviews. He critiqued a strain called Jack Flash (“it practically jumped through my monitor and into my pipe”); 303 Kush (“almost overwhelming”); and wrote about a Willie Nelson-themed varietal called Red Headed Stranger No. 14 (“a little less mentally racy” but with a “strong overall high”). And while his taste buds play a role in the critiques, certainly, there is more to it.”

Give the Times profile a read. And when you’re done, visit Mr. Browne’s author page and catch up on the excellent marijuana reviews he’s written over the last 10 months.