(Dixie Elixirs and Edibles)

Colorado cannabis company Dixie is taking its pot-infused edibles national

Dixie Elixirs and Edibles, already one of the biggest names in Colorado’s bustling marijuana marketplace, hopes to expand the sales of its popular line of marijuana-infused drinks, candies, tinctures and topicals to five markets outside of Colorado before the end of the year.

Dixie Elixirs has incorporated Dixie Brands in Delaware and will use the new company to license the manufacturing and distribution of its products outside of Colorado. Dixie is already in discussions with license holders in Arizona, California, Canada, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Rhode Island and Washington, the company said.

“I am proud of what we have built, the quality and consistency of the products we have perfected, and we look forward to sharing the future of cannabis with new markets around the country,” Tripp Keeber, president and CEO of the newly formed Dixie Brands, said in a release.

Dixie Brands will manage Dixie Elixirs’ licenses and intellectual property in other states and countries, Dixie’s chief marketing officer Joe Hodas told The Cannabist.

“The plan is to work with a licensing affiliate in the markets that we’re looking at,” Hodas said. “We’ll work with them on formulations, the equipment they’ll need, the marketing materials — but they’ll have the marijuana license in that market, and they’re the Dixie manufacturer and distributor in that market.”

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So in the same way Denver-based vape pen company O.penVape licenses local-to-California companies to sell its proprietary THC oil cartridges there, Dixie will use the same model to grow outside of its home state of Colorado.

“We have long recognized that the potential for the Dixie brand would not end with Colorado and we have always positioned ourselves in the center of the national dialogue around legalized marijuana,” Chuck Smith, chief operating officer of Dixie Brands, said in the release. “It is our intent to demonstrate to other states around the country that marijuana businesses can be operated efficiently, effectively, profitably and most importantly safely.”