Vincent Chandler

Vincent Chandler

Vince Chandler is an award-winning multimedia editor for The Denver Post and The Cannabist. He's also executive producer for "The Cannabist Show" and the new "High Minded by The Cannabist" podcast. A "backpack" journalist, Vince created complete visual / audio packages for web and television, usually solo or on small teams. He dreams of the day he gets a production assistant.

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High Minded podcast by The Cannabist | S01E03

In episode 3, High Minded podcast dives into a CBD study on pets, youth marijuana use, the five-year anniversary of Colorado legalization with author Nick Johnson and more.

High Minded podcast by The Cannabist | S01E02

In episode two, High Minded podcast talks about CBD and Colorado’s marijuana regulations, and with Mason Tvert, who helped get recreational sales on the Colorado ballot.

S03E29: She deciphers data to give cannabis consumers what they want

Featured guest: Natasha Irizarry, co-founder and CEO of Stashbox, a personalized monthly subscription box. Talking cannabis marketing, consumer trends and statistics.

Cannabist Show: She deciphers data to give cannabis consumers what they want

Featured guest: Natasha Irizarry, co-founder and CEO of Stashbox, a personalized monthly subscription box. Talking cannabis marketing, consumer trends and statistics.

Cannabist Show: She lobbies for policy change and education on hemp and marijuana

Featured guest: Samantha Walsh, CEO and co-founder of Tetra Public Affairs, a cannabis consulting firm. Talking about hemp education, CBD and marijuana industry matters.

Introducing the High Minded podcast, by The Cannabist

Our new podcast High Minded by The Cannabist bringing you the stories, news and voices shaping a new billion-dollar marijuana industry. First ep: CBD, Colorado legalization, Wanda James

S03E17: She takes a pharmaceutical approach to cannabis science

Featured guest: Dot Colagiovanni with Next Frontier Biosciences. Talking about how cannabinoids interact with the body, Big Pharma, marijuana research and more.

How to clean your bong

Face it, it’s probably time.

Cannabist Show: He has a 420-friendly event space ready to go while Denver figures out social use

Guest Cliff Gordon, founder of Herban Space, talks about venues finding ways to be 420-friendly while waiting for Denver to enact social marijuana use.

S03E14: He takes on the lazy stoner stereotype with the 420 Games

This week’s guest, Jim McAlpine, talks about bringing the 420 Games to Denver and helping athletes live a pain-free life after professional sports, using cannabis instead of opiods.

S03E10: She helps decode cannabis regulations in California, Colorado, Nevada and beyond

Featured guest: Amanda Ostrowitz, co-founder of CannaRegs. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Will visitors to Sin City be able to light up in July or what might delay Nevada’s recreational marijuana rollout? •  With legalization of recreational weed, California’s massive marijuana market is facing regulation upheavals. What surprises are…

S 02, Ep. 28: He’s in the wholesale weed biz; She’s a cannabis advertising pro

Featured guests: Tradiv director of government affairs Jonathan Teeters and Cannabist account executive Shuang Han. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  The War on Drugs disproportionately affected minorities for decades. Now, many of these minorities are shut out from working in the legal marijuana industry. How did we find ourselves…

S02, Ep. 22: He’s campaigning for social pot use; He’s GM for The Cannabist

Featured guests: Kayvan Khalatbari of the Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program, and Cannabist GM Brad Bogus. Talking Denver marijuana laws, Texas THC and more.

Cannabist Show: He teaches cannabis cooking classes; He reviews vaporizers

Guests this week are cannabis chef Scott Durrah and vape critic Ben Livingston. We’re talking about cooking with cannabis, shopping for vapes & legalization efforts.

S 02, Ep. 14: He has hearts for hemp; She covers national cannabis news

Featured guests: NoCo Hemp Expo founder Morris Beegle and Cannabist national policy and business reporter Alicia Wallace. LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  The definitive guide on which states will be voting on medical or recreational marijuana legalization in November. •  Pot shop design trends: The industry is spending millions on…

S 02, Ep. 12: She’s NORML; She captures cannabis culture

Featured guests: Denver NORML executive director Jordan Person and Cannabis Camera owner Kim Sidwell. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Denver marijuana laws: There are now TWO competing marijuana consumption initiatives seeking a spot on the November ballot. •  Looking back at ten years of 4/20 in Denver’s downtown Civic…

S 02, Ep 11: He’s a marijuana mogul; He protects the industry

LivWell Enlightened Health owner John Lord and Blueline Protection Group CCO & COO Ricky Bennett. We’re talking marijuana industry growth and keeping it safe.

S 02, Ep. 10: He makes vape pens in New York; He cooks with cannaflour

This week’s featured guests: Puffco founder Roger Volodarsky and edibles chef Michael Rubens. Talking vape pens, cooking with cannabis, New York weed and responsible use.

S 02, Ep 09: She gives advice on weed issues; He makes vapes in California

Featured guests: Ask The Cannabist columnist Susan Squibb and Bloom Farms founder Mike Ray. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Advice for parents about teen pot use. •  The social cannabis scene and getting an inside peek into Colorado industry events. •  What’s in the way of California legalizing marijuana…

The full bud: This edibles company endeavors to use every last leaf

The whole plant extract approach that edibles producer Marqaha uses focuses on the flower bud, but also addresses things like terpenes, CBD and THC levels.

S 02, Ep 08: He smokes and tells jokes; He manufactures edibles

Featured guests: Stand-up comedian Sam Tallent and Marqaha co-founder Skip Meador. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  The longstanding comedy-cannabis connection. •  Which part of the plant is best for extracts? •  Questionable edibles advice. TOP MARIJUANA NEWS The first wrongful death lawsuit against the legal marijuana industry: The sons…

Something missing in high-minded film fest where no weed allowed

The Reel Social Club premiered its first stand-alone film festival May 6 at Denver’s Sie Center as a shorts fest for a high audience. But: No weed allowed.

S02, Ep. 07: The Cannabist Show: He helped Colorado get legalized; She covers the NFL

Featured guests: Christian Sederberg, a cannabis industry attorney who helped draft Colorado’s marijuana legalizing Amendment 64, and Denver Post reporter Nicki Jhabvala, who covers the NFL and other sports. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Is Colorado fulfilling Amendment 64’s directive: “Regulate marijuana like alcohol?” •  What went down at…

S 02, Ep. 06: He defends the industry in court; He runs a cyber smoke sesh

Featured guests: Cannabis industry attorney Sean McAllister and HighThere app CTO Mitch Lane. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  What could be the first wrongful death lawsuit against the marijuana industry. •  Why some Colorado towns are still saying “no” to recreational marijuana. •  Could the Broncos really play in…

‘What heaven looks like’: Take a tour of a Colorado pot shop and its grow

Pot critic Jake Browne guides users around Medicine Man, a Denver pot shop, as well as their 40,000-square-foot cultivation facility.

S 02, Ep. 05 – He ran the Marijuana Enforcement Division; He runs it now

Featured guests: Colorado Department of Revenue deputy senior director of enforcement (and former Marijuana Enforcement Division director) Lewis Koski and current Marijuana Enforcement Division director Jim Burack. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Where are we at with pesticides in Colorado? •  The Marijuana Enforcement Division is opening its records…

S 02, Ep. 04 – He’s a Washington edibles maker; He fights for U.S. hemp

Featured guests: Patrick Devlin, a “zootologist” for Zoots Premium Cannabis Infusions making edibles in Washington state, and Eric Carlson, director of hemp affairs with the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Bringing a Washington state edibles brand to Colorado. •  Which states are getting hemp…

S02, Ep. 03 – She’s a force in Alaska weed; She stirs pot on YouTube

Featured guests: Former TV reporter and activist/ganjapreneur Charlo Greene and YouTube personality Jersey Badger. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  What’s working — and not working — in Alasaka’s marijuana industry. •  The importance of adult play time, and how cannabis helps. •  The lack of minority ownership in the…

S02, Ep. 02 – He gives pot tours; He markets low-dose edibles

Guests: Colorado Cannabis Tours founder Mike Eymer and Sweet Grass Kitchen marketing director Jesse Burns. Talking marijuana edibles, pot tours & more.

Cannabist Show: He gives pot tours; His biz created ultra low-dose edibles

This week’s guests: Colorado Cannabis Tours founder Mike Eymer and Sweet Grass Kitchen marketing director Jesse Burns. Talking marijuana edibles, pot tours & more.

What 4/20 means to the cannabis industry: Tons of work (and play)

For most major retailers November and December are the busy season, but in the budding cannabis industry, April is when the workload gets heavy.

Marijuana extracts expert: You should dab for the flavor, not the intense high

People often associate dabbing with getting intensely, often uncomfortably high, but many familiar with concentrates insist there is more to cannabis extracts than just a high THC percentage — such as flavor.

Vape CEO: Pot concentrate sales will soon outpace cannabis flower

Consuming cannabis concentrates will be more popular than smoking marijuana flower by 2017, says Ralph Morgan, CEO of vape giant OpenVape.

Ep. 53 – He’s a cannabis consultant; He invests in the industry

Featured guests: Cannabis consultant Will Evans and Canopy Boulder managing director Micah Tapman. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Of all the companies in legal cannabis, who is winning the brand war? •  Venture capitalists in Colorado have millions to invest in marijuana. •  The marijuana industry is working to…