Cannabist Show: She lobbies for policy change and education on hemp and marijuana

Featured guest: Samantha Walsh, CEO and co-founder of Tetra Public Affairs, a cannabis-centered consulting firm.


•  How state laws have changed in recent years to help hemp farmers.

•  Hemp has seen massive expansion in Colorado, but hurdles remain.

•  The critical need for education about plant cannabinoids — particularly CBD — in the public and political spheres.

•  Outside of the ballot box, ways consumers can support the hemp and marijuana industries.


New four-year college degree puts students on the cutting edge of cannabis industry Northern Michigan University in Marquette is the first to offer a degree in cannabis. The program, Medicinal Plant Chemistry, is the first program to offer a 4-year undergraduate degree focusing on marijuana, according to Brandon Canfield, the associate professor of chemistry who started the program. “The historical stigma associated with cannabis is quickly vanishing,” says the school’s website, “and although there is a surge in businesses related to the marijuana economy, there is a major gap in educational opportunities available to prepare people for this field.” –Report by The Washington Post’s Amber Ferguson

L.A. aims to help disadvantaged communities cash in on marijuana legalization: Oct. 21-The war on drugs has taken a disproportionate toll on people who are poor, black or Latino, community activists have long lamented. Now that marijuana is on the brink of legalization in California, Los Angeles leaders want to make sure that disadvantaged people can cash in. Under a proposal drafted by outside consultants and released this week, the city would provide extra help to some people seeking to run cannabis businesses, in an attempt to address the uneven effects of the drug war. –Report by the Los Angeles Times’ Emily Alpert Reyes

Future of new Maine marijuana law uncertain after lawmakers send bill to gov’s desk: Maine Republican and Democratic lawmakers have voted in a legislative special session to rewrite the state’s recreational marijuana law. However, the Legislature’s votes are not enough to withstand a veto from Republican Gov. Paul LePage. The Senate voted 22-9 Monday night on a bill backed by the Legislature’s marijuana implementation committee. The House voted 81-50 on a final vote. –Report by The Associated Press

Related op-ed: Maine gov shouldn’t interfere with legislators’ solid work on new marijuana laws

Corey Feldman charged with weed possession in Louisiana: Police in Louisiana say actor and musician Corey Feldman has been charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license after his tour bus was pulled over for speeding over the weekend. Mangham, Louisiana, police say they pulled over a recreational vehicle driven by Feldman on Saturday and took him to a police station after discovering his license was suspended. Police say an officer at the station smelled marijuana and the drug was found in the RV following a search. –Report by The Associated Press

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