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John Ingold

John Ingold is a reporter for The Denver Post.

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New Sessions memo pushes death penalty for big drug dealers. That could include legal marijuana business owners.

Little-known federal law makes it possible to execute people who grow more than 60,000 marijuana plants.

Large majority of Colorado students aren’t using marijuana — no matter what a Texas baseball coach thinks

Reporter John Ingold clarifies a basic fact about post-legalization Colorado following the Texas coach’s discrimination: The kids aren’t all stoned.

Teen marijuana use in Colorado down post-legalization

The latest results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health align with data collected by the state’s Healthy Kids Colorado Survey.

New details emerge in 11-month-old Colorado boy’s death linked to marijuana

One of the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center doctors who wrote a case study linking marijuana to a fatal heart condition in an 11-month-old Colorado boy says he is surprised at the controversy surrounding the report.

Denver doctors say 11-month-old boy’s deadly heart condition was likely related to marijuana

An 11-month-old Colorado boy’s death from a heart condition was likely related to ingestion of marijuana, two Denver doctors have concluded, but the precise link remains unclear.

Teen ER visits linked to marijuana are climbing in legal era, Colorado doctor finds

The number of teenagers going to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital Colorado for what appeared to be marijuana-related reasons increased significantly after legalization, a new study by a Children’s doctor found.

DEA asks Colorado for info on marijuana crimes, “for the new administration”

Amid speculation over how the Trump administration will approach cannabis legalization in Colorado and other states, the Drug Enforcement Administration has requested information about marijuana cases from the Colorado attorney general’s office.

DEA pulls certificates for two Colorado doctors involved in medical marijuana plant controversy

The federal DEA has pulled the medicine-prescribing certificates of two doctors, whose licenses were suspended over their medical marijuana recommendations.

Colorado medical students support marijuana legalization – but still have some uncertainties

Large percentages of University of Colorado medical students believe cannabis can have both health benefits and harms.

Study: No change in teen marijuana use in Colorado, but in Washington it’s a different story

Legal weed had no impact on Colorado teen marijuana use or on whether they think it is dangerous, according to a new study. Here’s why.

Colorado researchers receive $2.35M to study marijuana use on driving, other impacts of legalization

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced $2.35 million in grants on Tuesday for studies that will help explain the impacts of marijuana legalization on the state.

New study reveals what makes marijuana edibles most attractive to young kids

Colorado’s new rules for marijuana-infused edibles — which prohibit products made in animal or fruit shapes — take an important step to curb edibles’ appeal to young children but they also may not go far enough by not regulating color, taste and smell, a recently released study suggests.

Hundreds mourn Jack Splitt, young medical pot advocate

A crowd of hundreds on Thursday remembered Jack Splitt, a Jefferson County teenager who battled cerebral palsy and whose lobbying efforts at the state Capitol changed the law not once but twice.

Birds, bees and weed: Colorado’s ‘trusted adults’ campaign hopes to inspire parents to talk pot with kids

‘As a parent, I know conversations like these aren’t always easy,’ says Gov. John Hickenlooper. Colorado’s Health Dept’s new educational ads will be aimed for parents, mentors and adults on how to discuss kids marijuana use.

Doctors fighting suspensions over medical pot plant counts lose in court

Four Colorado doctors accused of over-recommending high plant counts for medical marijuana patients have had their suspensions re-instated, after a judge reversed course and tossed out their lawsuit.

DEA rejects marijuana’s medical use, keeping status Schedule I

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will deny requests that it change the legal classification of marijuana and reject arguments that marijuana has medical value, according to multiple news reports.

Study: Kids’ ER visits for marijuana increased in Colorado after legalization

The study — led by a doctor at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus — found that edibles accounted for almost half of all accidental ingestion cases seen at Children’s Hospital.

For now, judge blocks medical pot doctors’ suspensions

Four Colorado doctors whose licenses were suspended based on allegations that they over-recommended plant counts for medical marijuana patients have filed suit.

Four Colorado doctors suspended over medical pot plant counts

Four Colorado doctors had their licenses suspended Tuesday after the state Board of Medicine alleged the doctors improperly recommended excessive plant counts to more than 1,500 medical marijuana patients.

No, Colorado teen marijuana use isn’t spiking in legal era, 2015 survey shows

Teen marijuana use in Colorado: A new survey shows past-month use has remained stable since legalization, and is in line with the national average.

Landmark cannabis report explores trends in Colorado legalization

While people say they’re using cannabis more frequently, the author of an expansive new report on Colorado marijuana legalization says this new data should be viewed as a starting-off point on measuring impacts.

Is Colorado pot too potent? Plans limit THC at 16 percent

A proposed ballot initiative and an amendment to a bill in the state House would cap the THC potency of recreational cannabis and marijuana products at a percentage below most of those products’ current averages. The initiative would limit the potency of “marijuana and marijuana products” to 15 percent or 16 percent THC.

SCOTUS won’t hear case on Colorado pot legalization

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied Nebraska and Oklahoma’s proposed lawsuit against Colorado’s legal marijuana laws. The decision means the nation’s highest court will not rule on the interstate dispute, and Colorado’s legal cannabis market is safe — for now.