Cannabutter and regular butter in a mixing bowl at a Colorado marijuana edibles manufacturer. (Brennan Linsley, Associated Press file)

How to make cannabutter and cannabis oil concoctions: the ultimate guide with tons of tasty weed recipes

We’ve noticed our readers have an insatiable appetite for anything we post about cooking with cannabutter. So we’ve put together this collection of our best information and cooking resources, including guides on how to make cannabutter and how to make cannabis oil, advice on calculating edibles THC potency and some of our favorite weed recipes for using your homemade cannabutter and cannabis oil.

Basic knowledge: How to make cannabutter and cannabis oil

• Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make cannabutter by Chef Laurie Wolf. Follow the directions at this link, and you will make the best cannabutter the quality of your weed will allow.

• Next, Chef Laurie guides you through the steps on how to make cannabis oil for sweet or savory dishes.

Edibles THC potency

How to calculate THC dosage in recipes for marijuana edibles: You don’t want to make edibles too strong. No one likes to overdose on edibles and have a bad time. We talked with Jessica Catalano about home cannabis cooking recommendations and THC dosage. Catalano is the Summit County-based author of “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution” and chef for Cultivating Spirits, a mountain retreat cannabis tour company. Read more

Weed recipes to expand your horizons

Here are two starter recipes to try as you get a feel for the flavor:
• How to make sweet and savory cannabutters from scratch: Seasoned butters to spread on bread, add to steamed veggies and more.
• Canna-mayonnaise: It’s easy to make and will keep for about 5-6 days covered in the fridge.

OK, let’s do it: Here are some of our tastiest recipes — sweet ones, savory ones — that will take your cannabutter or canna-oil to a new level:

Still hungry for more recipes? We’ve got you covered:
appetizers || entrees || desserts

Pot brownies and more chocolaty goodness

Thirsty? Weed drinks

Once you’ve mastered the cannabutter recipes, you can weigh in on the…

Cannabutter recipe debate — to use water, or not? Using water is common, but isn’t necessary for making cannabis oil or cannabutter. We spoke with seasoned Summit County marijuana chef Jessica Catalano, author of “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution,” about the use of water in cannabis oil cooking. Read more

The grand finale: Now that you’ve experimented with cannabis recipes, perhaps you’d like to have an infused dinner party to share what you’ve created.

Chef Laurie Wolf, who runs the Oregon-based Laurie & Mary Jane edibles company and shares weed recipes with The Cannabist, has some tips for organizing a dinner with cannabis-infused foods, as well as her favorite recipe, a savory, flaky vegetable tart.