The Samich Truck is a food truck that sells marijuana-infused edibles — most of the time. (

Don’t be duped: Marijuana food truck will be THC-free for Denver tour stop

We’ve told you before about the food truck selling marijuana-infused edibles to the masses in Washington state.

We even warned you about the crazy potency of the truck’s menu items, which include the Samich (sunbutter and jelly), Banh Mi (Vietnamese-style pork sandwich), the Bronco (BBQ pulled pork sandwich) and the PhaReal Cheese Samich with Kushie Tomato Soup — all infused with 30-100 milligrams of THC.

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As the food truck sets out on its two-week Cannaball Run tour — starting at Denver’s RiverRock Dispensary at 4935 York St. from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sept. 13 — it’s important to read the fine print: The truck will be serving food, but that food will not be infused with marijuana on this tour.

And a marijuana food truck without the marijuana is simply a food truck.

The food truck’s Denver itinerary does include “cannabis cooking demonstrations, alcohol infusions and decarboxylation,” according to a release — but keep in mind that the truck’s sponsor,, also makes a popular automatic botanical extractor many use to easily make cannabutter and canna-oil.

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