Finally there's a food truck that sells marijuana-infused food. (

New idea: Food truck sells pot-infused grub

In these pages we’ve discussed the merits of buying marijuana from vending machines and smoking cannabis via professional, machine-rolled cigarettes. But I’m not sure any of that prepared us for a food truck that only sells infused edibles and foods.

Ready or not here is your introduction to the Samich Truck, which debuted on April 19-20 at the U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver. The 40-foot school bus-turned-food truck is the brainchild of the team at Seattle-based — an automatic botanical extractor many use to easily make cannabutter and canna-oil. The team envisions an entire fleet of these infused-food trucks along with a permanent beachside location in Seattle and, eventually, California and Florida.

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Wondering what’s on the menu? You’re not alone. Some items include the Samich (sunbutter and jelly), Banh Mi (Vietnamese-style pork sandwich), the Bronco (BBQ pulled pork sandwich), PhaReal Cheese Samich and Kushie Tomato Soup. (Never missing an opportunity to cross promote, will also sell their MB2 machines from the truck at a discounted price to patrons who also place a food order.)

We spoke with CEO Garyn Angel this morning about how much his infused entrees will cost, his experience in Denver over 4/20 weekend and his theory that people drink less alcohol when they’re using marijuana.

The Cannabist: A food truck selling only weed-infused edibles? Tell me more.

Angel: The idea with the food truck: We don’t just make butters and oils and tinctures, we make five-star foods and decadent meals with cannabis. But that got us thinking: How do we bring that to people and show them there’s more than brownies and cookies? We make them a Caprese salad with a delicious dressing and educate people on how to cook with cannabis, especially medical patients.

The Cannabist: So you’re a fan of medicating via edibles as opposed to smoking or vaporizing?

Angel: I believe that eating cannabis is the most efficient treatment option. And we want to teach people how to eat the treat, and that’s the plan.

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The Cannabist: So you gave away a ton of infused pulled pork sandwiches and other goodies at the Cannabis Cup a few weeks back. Were you happy with the reception?

Angel: We have pretty good brand recognition and a good Facebook crowd, and the people who came around our way had an idea of what we might be up to … I just wanted to prove the business model. That’s what we utilized the event for, to see that people had an interest in it. I stood back and watched at the Cannabis Cup, and I could tell it was a good idea. We’re trying to build this into a franchise.

The Cannabist: So you want a fleet of these trucks?

Angel: Yes, I like the concept that we have now: The buses as the kitchens. But an open-air restaurant on the beach serving cannabis-infused entrees — that’s our vision. It has its own feel, and there is a creative appeal to it: Beach-side dining. And as long as the food is absolutely spectacular, I’d rather eat in an open-air restaurant on a beach than anywhere else. It feels right, and laid back, too. “Hey, lets have a good time and go out for a nice bite to eat. Instead of having 36 drinks tonight let’s have a nice cannabis-infused meal.”

The Cannabist: Many argue that using marijuana leads to a significant decrease in alcohol consumption. How do you feel about that?

Angel: Cannabis leads to a decrease in drinking. The reason why people drink is for the relaxation, so if you can get relaxed without drinking and you know it’s healthier, that’s what people are going to do. You save a lot of calories, too. And I’d rather eat some good calories than drink some bad ones.

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